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ASCO Participants Present From the Front Lines of the War on Cancer

This week, the big news in biotechnology was the annual ASCO meeting. No, ASCO isn't a stock ticker symbol. It is an acronym for the American Society of Clinical Oncology, which hosted the biggest cancer research event of the year this week. Several of our biotechnology companies presented new clinical data at this year's event. I am pleased to say there is a lot of good portfolio news to update you on.

Along with Seattle Genetics, ImmunoGen's platform is a revolutionary new technology that links engineered antibodies to toxic payloads. When the antibody is designed to target a molecule carried by cancer cells, it penetrates the cell. Once inside, the toxin – a very powerful chemotherapy compound – is released to kill the cell. The advantage of this approach is that unlike traditional chemotherapy, the damage to healthy cells is reduced or eliminated.

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Technology Profits Confidential

With new technologies in mobile computing, biotechnology and 3-D printing, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the throngs of new innovation and still be able to forecast which companies are set to profit. Technology Profits Confidential is your one-stop shop for the companies of tomorrow’s technology… and how you can profit from them.


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