The End of Energy As We Know It

The most disruptive technological force on the planet is happening quietly and relatively unseen by most of us. When you plug your cellphone charger into a wall socket, you are probably connecting to one of about 500 coal-fired power plants in the United States.

What if all of them were shut down by 2050? What if instead of getting your pow­er from a centralized source, you got it from a small generating plant on top of your house or business or car? What if everywhere you went, no matter when you needed electricity, it came from a small local source, instead of a giant power plant?

That is exactly what is starting to happen in the U.S., China and other nations around the world, including oil-rich Arab countries in the Middle East. And it is a tremendous opportunity to invest. The reasons behind this radical and disruptive change are many, but they all focus on changing the way we get power.

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Stephen Petranek

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