Make A Killing by Saving Lives

I define a blockbuster drug as one that generates $1 billion in sales.

Now, it’s not that hard to understand what kinds of drugs have blockbuster potential. Not to be morbid, but blockbuster drugs are going to treat a terrible disease, such as cancer. They’re also going to be drugs a patient has to take for the rest of their life.

Some of these companies can completely change how deadly diseases are treated in the future.

I have been around this field so long now that these stocks are a bit like kids to me. I remember these companies the way that older people go up to kids and tell them they knew them when they were little tykes.

Every one of us can do something to make a difference.

I’ve known companies like Gilead, Celgene, Alexion and Biogen Idec and others since they were babies. In a way, you can say that I was there at their births. I have seen them go through childhood and adolescence. Now they are all grown-up, and I have a unique appreciation of how all their good work is paying off for them. And many of the CEOs of these companies have made themselves very wealthy in the process. Some of them have even become billionaires in the process.

Now, I don’t have any issues with these guys getting rich.


Because what these guys have done has not just been good for you as an investor in their stocks but good for all of us as human beings. How is that? Well, as a result of their efforts, today we have new medicines for cancer and many diseases for which we had nothing before. And I can tell you that lots of people suffered and died because we didn’t have these medicines before.

Now, everyone likes to make money. Me included. But wouldn’t you prefer to make money while doing good, or, as I put it, doing well by doing good? Wouldn’t you rather make money by investing in a company that makes a drug that is going to save a life? Or hundreds of thousands of lives?

The stocks I recommend are always going to be for companies that are bringing you some lifesaving medicine. And the way I look at it, you’re helping the drug a little bit by buying your shares. And in doing this, I believe you’re doing well by doing good.

Let me give you an example. Back on April 10, 2014… we recommended what I believe is the absolute best biotech stock for this buy-and-hold strategy.

This company has single-handedly transformed the lives of millions of patients with HIV, and millions more who have hepatitis B.

People that you and I know and love and care about need these medicines every day. And as an investor in this company, you’re doing your little bit to make sure that you are supporting the good guys. The people who are making medicines not just to make a buck but to save lives.

Every one of us can do something to make a difference.

Now, if you’re not for that, I want you to STOP reading this right now. And please don’t come back.

And if you continued reading, I want you to know that you can DO something today to make a difference. Maybe you are contributing money to an organization that is raising money for breast cancer, or perhaps you’re supporting an organization that helps fund a cure for malaria in Africa.

My readers get a chance to actually invest with the heroes, the people who are finding the incredible medicines that are going to rid the world of these terrible things.

Do you want to be a part of that?

I know I do. And I can tell you that every stock I recommend to my readers meets this criterion. With that in mind, take a look at the Market Vectors Biotech ETF (NYSE:BBH), which will certainly give you a good place to start.


Paul Mampilly
for The Daily Reckoning

P.S. I can also tell you that every stock that I recommend is something I would buy myself. Agora Financial prohibits me from owning stocks that I recommend to you. But that’s the only reason why I would not buy the stocks that I am telling readers to buy.

Now, you can definitely do a bit of good by doing well by buying an investment like the Market Vectors Biotech ETF (NYSE:BBH), as I mentioned. But if you want to invest in the actual companies — the ones with the scientists and researchers who are heroically pursuing the actual individual drugs that are saving lives –then you should take a closer look at my FDA Trader service. Readers of today’s issue of Tomorrow in Review received an exclusive chance to check it out for themselves. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to do the same. Sign up for the FREE Tomorrow in Review email edition, right here, and start getting all kinds of great chances at real, profitable investment advice.

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