How to Profit from the Internet’s Third Growth Phase

Imagine you’re getting ready for work in the morning.

After you finish your last sip of coffee, you give a kiss to your spouse and kids, put on your watch and walk out the door.

As you approach your car, the engine turns on automatically.

As you slip inside, your favorite song starts to play on the radio.

And as you pull out of the driveway, your voice navigation system guides you to the first appointment on your calendar and tells you your estimated time of arrival.

This is the future of the Internet.

And it could have a major impact on your life… and your bank account.

Let me explain…

Internet 1.0 – The “Broadcast” Internet

When the Internet became mainstream, it operated just like TV or radio.

Websites would broadcast content, and we’d consume it.

This was “one way” media.

Internet 2.0 — The “Social” Internet

In the early 2000s, something changed.

Instead of just consuming content, we started creating it…

When we visit sites like Facebook or YouTube, the content we see has been created by regular people like you and me.

This is what’s called the “social Web,” or Internet 2.0.

Internet 3.0 — The “Internet of Things”

Now there’s a “new Internet” on the horizon — and it goes far beyond content.

It touches and immerses itself into our everyday lives.


Through the devices we use each day.

For example, your wristwatch isn’t just something that tells time…

Now it makes phone calls, tells you how many calories you burned and plays music.

Your eyeglasses don’t just help you see more clearly. Now they come equipped with tiny video cameras that snap pictures.

And these devices are “connected” — not just to the Internet, but to one another.

Hence the various names given to this new category of consumer electronics:

“Connected devices” or the “Internet of Things.”

These devices go beyond being “cool.” They’re driving serious profits for companies and investors.

For example, look at one of the first “connected devices,” the Apple iPhone.

Since its launch seven years ago, Apple has sold more than 500 million iPhones, generating more than $300 billion in sales.

If you’d owned Apple’s stock, you’d be sitting on gains of over 1,000%, or 10 times your money.

Another example is Nest Labs.

Nest makes thermostats for your home. But these are no ordinary thermostats. They’re “intelligent.” They adjust your home’s temperature based on such inputs as your preferences, the temperature outside and how far you are from home.

The company was doing so well that Google stepped in and acquired them…

For $3.2 billion in cash.

Early investors made more than 20 times their money — and the company never even touched the stock market.

As with all new trends, the trick is to get in early, in the first innings — and that’s where we believe we are with the “Internet of Things” megatrend.

We’ve recently been looking at a fascinating company that plays into this trend.

And it’s currently raising money on an equity crowdfunding platform…

The name of the company is Atheer Labs.

They’re building a “hands-free” tablet device.

Imagine having all the functionality and power of an iPad — without having to hold it in your hands…

Just slip on a pair of glasses — and like magic, the world becomes your screen.

You can browse the Web, shop, send email… all without holding a physical object.

No written words can do this device justice, so check out their video here:

Atheer Labs is just one of many “Internet of Things” companies you’ll come across in the coming months and years.

So don’t feel the need to rush out and invest in every opportunity you find.

We’re still in the early days of this explosive trend — there will be plenty of opportunities on the horizon.

Happy investing!

Best regards,

Wayne Mulligan

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