Our Ebola Stocks Could Double Overnight

I believe we are in the midst of one of the greatest profit opportunities you’re ever going to see in your lifetime.

Stop listening to what the government is telling you. Turn off CNN. Forget what you see on the news. And for God’s sake, forget about the market crashing.

Right now, we are in the early innings of the greatest profit opportunities of the 21st century. A biotech boom that’s about to hit epic proportions thanks to Ebola.

If I’m right, we are going to see Ebola in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami. And when this happens, every single stock that has anything to do with Ebola is going to soar.

Let me explain to you how I believe this huge Ebola bubble is going to unfold.

Ebola is as easy to catch as a cold. Touch your eye. There, you just infected yourself. Stick your finger into your mouth. There, you just infected yourself. Pick off that scab on your arm. There, you infected yourself.

Right now, we are in the early innings of the greatest profit opportunities of the 21st century. A biotech boom that’s about to hit epic proportions thanks to Ebola.

For about a month, our government has been acting as if Ebola is the common cold. But here’s the truth. Ebola is a killing machine. Ebola is terrifying. You keep vomiting because the virus acts like a blender, liquefying your organs. Until you drown in your own blood. Even in the United States, odds are you’ll die if you get Ebola.

And we recently learned that Ebola has gone wild in Dallas. This means that more people are going to get infected with Ebola. And more people are going to die of Ebola. Right here in the United States.

Once people start dying, our government is going to act. The first thing they’ll do is give billions of dollars to Ebola drug companies. The government is going to order these companies to make anti-Ebola drugs ASAP. And vaccines. All rules and regulations are going to be set aside so that these companies can start making these medicines immediately.

Remember Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans in 2005? The government did not lift a finger until the TV cameras showed people starving and dying. Ebola is going to be another Hurricane Katrina. And just like with Hurricane Katrina, the government is miles behind on preparing and getting ready for Ebola.

Here’s what’s going to happen:

As Ebola spreads from one place to the next, people are going to get scared. And as the fear builds, every stock that is associated with Ebola is going to skyrocket. Once the Ebola panic sets in, these stocks could see gains of 300%. In the worst-case scenario, where we have over 100 Ebola cases in a big city like New York, we could even see gains of 1,000%.

Remember, this is a prediction, not a guarantee. I want to make sure you understand that you’re only going to see these kinds of gains if my scenario comes true.

What about timing? How long is this going to take? When exactly is this going to happen? When? I can’t give you a precise date. But I can show you one scientifically tested scenario under which I can see Ebola stocks doubling instantly.

Ebola in New York City

A scientific study conducted by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) showed that JFK airport in New York is the most likely place for Ebola to get into the U.S.

Here’s why this is important:

You see, scientists have known for decades that Ebola was going to come to the United States through our airlines. This study rates Los Angeles as the No. 2 airport in terms of its ability to spread Ebola. Honolulu, San Francisco, Newark (New York/New Jersey), Chicago and Washington, D.C., are also on the list of cities with risky airports.

If the next case of Ebola shows up in New York, Ebola stocks are going to double overnight. Yes, overnight. You know, I lived in New York for 16 years. I know New York City as well as anyone who lives there today. Ebola is going to be a nightmare in New York. Truly, I pray that Ebola bypasses New York. But Ebola in New York is going to make someone rich. Let it be you.

Some of you think that making money from Ebola stocks is bad. That’s just ridiculous. If you get Ebola, drugs are your only real chance of surviving it. And if Ebola hits New York, our only chance of stopping Ebola is a vaccine. The right Ebola stocks are going to be lifesavers.

Now let’s make one thing clear here. I can’t tell you exactly where Ebola is going to show up next. And it’s possible I could be wrong about everything.

But look at what’s going on. Look at the government’s track record of being wrong and clueless. They’ve gotten just about everything wrong. It’s clear to me that our government has no real plan on what to do. If this isn’t clear to you, look at what they are saying after the second case of Ebola in Dallas was found…

“We do not today have a number of such exposed people or potentially exposed health care workers. It’s a relatively large number, we think… We have not identified a specific problem that led to this infection.”

Got that? They have no idea how many people could be infected. And they have no idea how the Ebola spread. These are quotes from Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC is the part of the U.S. government responsible for stopping Ebola. Just understand that a month ago, Frieden was telling everyone…

“We are stopping Ebola in its tracks in this country… Ebola poses little risk to the U.S. general population.”

Meanwhile, the CDC’s own website states that Ebola is a biosafety hazard level 4. That’s the highest rating a biosafety hazard can get. The CDC website says that to handle Ebola safely:

“Lab workers should change clothing before entering. Shower upon exiting. Decontaminate all materials before exiting. Any person working with Ebola must be wearing wearing a full-body, air-supplied, positive pressure suit.

“Any building that handles Ebola is supposed to be isolated or be in a restricted zone of the building. The building should have its own separate air supply, as well its own independent air exhaust lines that suck the air into a decontamination systems before releasing it into the atmosphere.”

There are just four hospitals with in the United States that meet these requirements. Four! And the biggest of these four hospitals has only 10 beds in these Ebola-ready wards. And the hospital in Dallas where both Ebola patients went to get treated did not meet the CDC’s standards. Who knows how many people both of these patients infected?

Things You Can Do to Avoid Ebola

What can you do to avoid Ebola? Wash your hands every single time after you are in public place where Ebola could be. You know, airplanes, airports, etc. If you’re taking a flight, carry sanitary wipes with bleach. Wipe down the hand rests and the serving tray these wipes. Why? Because bleach kills the Ebola virus. Finally, if you live in Dallas or a place with Ebola, stay out of public places till it’s clear that Ebola is gone.


Paul Mampilly
for Seven Figure Publishing

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