The Miracle That Would Have Saved Christopher Reeve

In the spring of 1995, actor Christopher Reeve approached the third jump at a cross-country riding event in Culpeper, Virginia, aboard his horse “Buck.” The horse balked at the relatively low 3-foot fence, and Reeve went flying over it, landing on his head. The fall crushed his first and second vertebrae and destroyed the connection between his brain and the rest of his body. Despite an attempt to fix the spinal cord injury with heroic surgery, Reeve was paralyzed from the neck down.

One of the big problems with nervous system injuries is that unlike other tissues, they don’t heal very well. And the best available therapies are currently incapable of effectively reversing the damage. Trauma to the central nervous system causes permanent loss of function.

But that’s about to change thanks to a promising biotechnology that will be a huge investment theme in the coming year. It’s a revolution in how we cure disease. It has the potential to make the blind see, the lame walk and the old young again.

I’m talking about a promising stem cell cure.

Never Get Old Again

Conventional therapies heal existing cells and tissues.

But this cure has the power to regenerate new, biologically young tissue.

That means it could turn back the clock on any aging cell, including skin, joints, hearts and lungs.

How does it work?

Our bodies constantly renew without the help of external stem cell-based therapies using our own internal stem cells.

But there’s a problem.

As we age, our regenerative powers weaken. In certain tissues, such as the brain and nervous system, the power to restore complete function in the case of an injury simply isn’t there.

That’s why previously we couldn’t stop diseases like Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

But this new stem cell technology makes it possible to regrown cells so old age won’t be a cause of death anymore.

In fact, I can tell you right now what the No. 1 cause of death will be.

It’s Finally Happening…

Stephen Petranek, editor of Breakthrough Technology Alert (BTA), and I have been talking a lot about this stem cell revolution.

Stephen’s been traveling the country and getting the inside story on how stem cell science is finally hitting the clinic and moving toward real-world cures. He recently attended an analyst day at the Harvard Club in New York for an innovative stem cell company that returned BTA readers 391% already and had this to say:

“Whether as a fix for macular degeneration, replacing dead heart cells after a heart attack or repairing tendons, the idea behind the effort is a no-brainer. But stem cells have shown themselves to be difficult to manipulate and control. Turning on a so-called pluripotent stem cell to make it become a retina cell seems to require knowledge we have not yet developed.”

But that’s about to change.

In 2015, numerous stem cell therapies are entering human trials, meaning the technology is finally reaching a level where it can generate real-world cures — and profits for investors

Now, here’s where things get interesting for investors of this new stem cell therapy.

Unlike traditional drugs, stem cells aren’t easily duplicated by imitators. It’s very difficult to have a stem cell line cleared for human use. According to Steve, “Stem cells, like any tissue extracted or manipulated by humans, can have a lot of problems. Even the containers and apparatus used to process the cells can contain infectious diseases. The FDA regulates the creation and processing of stem cells to assure that each batch is not only free of contaminants, but identical to previous batches.”

But that’s good news for the happy few that do achieve FDA clearance. The high barrier for creating pure, dependable stem cell lines protects stem cell companies from competition. And as an insider recently told Steve, the stem cells themselves are “not genericizable.” Each line is unique. The end result: a level of market exclusivity for companies that create stem cell therapies that goes beyond mere patent protection.

This technology has been in development for a long time, but things are moving fast. Stem cells are simply too important for an investor to ignore in 2015.

To learn more about what Stephen calls a “seriously undervalued” stem cell company that’s at the forefront of the 2015 stem cell boom, go here

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco
for The Daily Reckoning

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