Before you go to your doctor’s office, read this

Turns out your blood pressure may not be high after all.

That’s according to five major changes that took place in 2014 causing a lot of confusion for Americans. They could drastically alter the way your doctor treats you. If you haven’t heard these yet, you’re in for some surprising news.

Stephen Petranek reveals everything you need to know in his full five- part series called “The Truth About MD Warnings.”

The Real Story Behind the AMA New Blood Pressure Guidelines

The Journal of the American Medical Association published controversial new blood pressure guidelines in December that could kill more Americans. But there’s a sneaky reason behind why they’re doing this… Stephen Petranek reveals all.

Huge New Change in Cholesterol Guidelines — Do You Need Statins Anymore?

Is your doctor really prescribing you statins under the correct notions? Stephen Petranek analyzes the controversial new guidelines that will change the way your doctor treats your cholesterol.

The Ugly Truth About Arthritis and Diabetes

Is arthritis really genetic, or is there something else at the root of it? Stephen Petranek lays out the compelling science and a disturbing connection between red meat and arthritis.

Shocking NutraSweet Story: Why the FDA Should Owe You Money

Stephen Petranek lays out the truth about artificial sweeteners and reveals a disturbing connection between one of our most loved presidents, the FDA and Monsanto.

Should You Take Your MD’s Advice With a Grain of Salt?

Can you really eat more salt? Could the days of watching your sodium intake be over? Stephen Petranek comes clean about sodium.

I especially enjoyed reading about the connection between Reagan and artificial sweeteners.

If there’s one thing you read today, make it this.

Surprising, to say the least.

Josh Grasmick
for Seven Figure Publishing

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