Father of Seven’s $1,000-a-Month Retirement Loophole

[Ed. note: Today’s message is a guest post from Diana Gordon, Agora Financial’s editor-in-chief.]

I have an unusual story to share with you.

It’s about how a father of seven (two boys, five girls) from Atlanta is making $1,000 guaranteed income per month via the stock market…

And is so confident you can copy his results, he’s doing something I’ve never seen in this industry before…guaranteeing you’ll make $1,000 this month or he’ll eat his running shoes.

I first met him last fall. I was impressed with his investment advice and excited for our readers when he accepted our offer as the editor of two important services at Agora Financial: Lifetime Income Report and Income on Demand.

I’m talking about Zach Scheidt, who was managing $40 million in private investor money by the time he was 30.

Yeah, Yeah, He Does Know How Seven Kids Happen

Zach’s good-natured about having seven kids. He says it’s not a religious decision; no, he’s not Mormon; yes, one mother, one father; no, he didn’t adopt; yes, one set of twins; yes, he and his wife are finished; yes, they do own a TV (that pretty much sums up all the questions he gets).

But as a father, there’s nothing more important to Zach than providing for his kids. And he’s found a consistent way to help do it with the stock market.

He calls it his “Ultimate Retirement Loophole” strategy.

It has nothing to do with diversifying in stocks…

No, you aren’t messing with Treasuries…or buying and hoping your stocks make money…and it has nothing to do with the work Zach does with dividends.

This is much easier…

Zach’s November Surprise

Back in November 2014, Zach guaranteed his readers that HCP Inc. (NYSE:HCP) would pay a bigger quarterly dividend in 2015 than it did last year.

And if it didn’t, he promised to eat his running shoe.

Running Shoe

Just as he said, on Jan. 29, HCP raised its dividend…and is making investors a 5.3% yield.

You may be wondering why he offered to eat his running shoe in the first place. Well, it all boils down to confidence. He knew it was a lock to win the bet. Here’s why…

HCP has a nearly three-decade history of increasing its dividend. Its business is sound, and it has more than $330 million in the bank.

There’s simply no way that HCP’s management team would end its dividend-raising streak on their watch. And they didn’t.

With that win behind him, Zach’s gained even more confidence. Which leads me to his new guarantee:

Zach has promised to show his readers how to capture $1,000 in income in their brokerage account in the month of February. If they don’t collect $1,000 in income from following his recommendations, he’ll eat both his running shoes.

Why make another guarantee?

Zach’s extremely confident in his “Ultimate Retirement Loophole” strategy. It’s a special method he uses to help everyday investors collect instant income in their investment accounts every week.

You can collect these payments without receiving dividends or buying stocks, bonds and precious metals. And the strategy isn’t super risky. In fact, it’s a conservative approach he’s used to help his former hedge fund clients and subscribers for years.

How much income can you collect?

That depends on how much capital you have to invest and what specific opportunities are available each week.

His “Ultimate Retirement Loophole” is extremely simple. He walks you through each trade (at least one each week) and shows you how to collect instant income in just a couple of minutes each time.

To get a sense of what I’m talking about, click on this link to see how to use this strategy to book instant income in your investment account.

Not Available to Daily Reckoning readers

Unfortunately, Zach’s guarantee was meant for readers of Income on Demand only.

But when I saw what he was doing, I asked him to make his guarantee available to you too.

Zach will show you how to collect at least $1,000 over the next calendar month. If you follow his instructions and don’t obtain $1,000 in income in March, he will eat both of his running shoes.

And since there are still 10 days left in February, Zach guarantees to show you how to collect $500 before the March bet even starts.

Your part of the bargain is to follow his specific instructions. So here’s what you need to do…

First, follow this link to sign up for his “Ultimate Retirement Loophole.”

Once you’re in, follow his instructions to collect your first income payment.

He sends out a new instant income email alert every Tuesday, so you’ll know exactly when to expect your next payment.

Be sure to sign up right away so you can take advantage of this week’s payment.

Remember, Zach’s guaranteed to show you how to collect $500 over the next two weeks alone.

Talk soon,

Diana Gordon
for Seven Figure Publishing

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