I Wonder How She’s Sleeping?

Parents who put their baby down for a nap typically turn on a “baby monitor,” previously a low-tech listening device that has recently been upgraded to include a small camera. It works pretty well as long as the parent is watching the monitor or at least listening. But these devices don’t monitor any vital signs, and parents can’t stay up all night watching and listening.

MonBaby is a novel new technology that adds a vital level of security — it monitors the child’s breathing via an algorithm and immediately telecasts an audio alarm to a smartphone if something is irregular. Parents simply clip on a big blue button to the baby’s pajamas, connect the device to a smartphone via Bluetooth and then click buttons on the phone for all the variables they want to monitor.

MonBaby will show visually the baby’s position — lying on his/her back or stomach. And it monitors activity — how much the baby is moving around. Best of all, if the baby begins breathing strangely, it will sound the alert. The visualizations and information the monitor sends to the phone are instantly understandable and the device sends new information five times a second. It can be attached easily to any piece of clothing, so if your child simply falls asleep in the car seat, you can pop the button on and pay more attention to traffic. If something goes wrong, your phone will alert you.

Video/sound monitors can easily sell for more than $200. MonBaby is priced at $169. The response has been so overwhelming that the company sold out of its first batch. The next orders — go to the MonBaby website and pre-order — will be delivered in May.

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