It’s Time to Ditch Stocks for Some “Sweet” Gains

How bad’s this market?

Historically bad

The Dow just posted its worst August drop in 17 years. And if yesterday’s any indication, it’s probably not through yet.

Stocks are getting thwacked again. The Dow coughed up 469 points yesterday, while the Nasdaq and S&P both tanked nearly 3% on the day. I can’t blame you if you’re breaking out in icy rivers of sweat just thinking about stocks right now.

So today we’re flipping the stock market the bird. If stocks aren’t going to play nice, we’re gonna pick up our toys and find another sandbox. Lucky for you, there are some secret hiding places where your trading dollars will get a much friendlier reception right now. And that’s where we’re going today…

The best part? They’re not correlated to the major averages. So you can sit back and count your winnings while the market continues to tank.

We’ll find today’s hiding place by digging around in the commodities markets. And yes, most commodities have been a flaming wreck lately. So we had to dig a little deeper than usual…

And eventually we struck chocolate. Cocoa, specifically. You might have heard that candy manufacturers have been getting the squeeze from higher cocoa prices over the past couple of years. Many have even resorted to supplementing recipes with alternative ingredients or even shrinking their serving sizes (but not their prices).

That’s because cocoa prices began rising sharply in mid-2013. They took a breather late last year but now they’re back in gear and moving higher once again.

A Sweet Bounce

So even if stocks stay trapped in the elevator to hell, you have the chance to bank profits in a space you might have never even considered.

Cocoa could turn out to be one of the few reliable commodities trades this year. It’s having a bang-up 2015 — even as agricultural commodities as a whole get shellacked. Moreover, increased global demand is likely to solidify further price hikes. Just don’t expect to hear about it on CNBC. They’re too busy producing Markets in Turmoil specials every night the Dow drops a few hundred points…

If you want to take cover from the grim stock market—and book some sweet gains along the way—cocoa’s your best bet.

Just don’t eat too much of the stuff. It’s bad for you.


Greg Guenthner
for The Daily Reckoning

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