Just a few things to ponder…

Why do drugs have to be proven safe before they can be sold, but a company can make a drug and call it a supplement and sell it until it is proven unsafe?

Can anyone still justify research using chimpanzees (which share 98% of their genes with humans) now that the National Institutes of Health will no longer fund research done with chimps and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has declared them endangered?

Are most stock analysts dumb? Tesla’s stock dives on Aug. 6 after its second-quarter report apparently because analysts focused on the declining near-term delivery guidance. But what matters is orders. The cars are built to order. Second-quarter orders are up 30% year over year and up 50% in Europe despite steep price increases.

While everyone praises Germany as the clean energy champion of the world because it now gets 30% of its power from wind and solar and other green sources and plans to raise that number to 80% by 2050, no one has noticed that Hawaii, which belches diesel exhaust from its many power plants, has declared it will deliver 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2045. That even beats leader Denmark’s declaration in 2011 that it will be free from all fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) by 2050.

If representatives in Congress are so concerned about preserving states’ rights, why have they pushed a bill through the House that forbids states and localities from insisting that foods with GMOs be labeled as such?

Just a few things to ponder…

To your health and wealth,

Stephen Petranek
for The Daily Reckoning

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