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Cities Transformed — Is Yours on the List?

You’re probably no stranger to Google’s Street View feature, and an urban planning collective is using the tool to show just how much cities have changed in the last several years. Urb-i, based in Brazil, is a group of young urban designers who have made it their mission to transform city spaces to become greener, more pedestrian-friendly places. Using Google Street View’s “time machine” feature (which rolled out last year), the group compiled several side-by-side comparisons of transformed urban spaces all over the world.

Take a moment to look at a slideshow of the images Urb-i has collected, featuring spots from Dallas to Singapore. The transformations are remarkable. To find out more about Urb-i and their mission, click here.

Your Living Room: A Virtual Reality Playground

Video streaming service Hulu is getting into the virtual reality (VR) game. The streaming provider recently announced plans to add a VR app to its service to coincide with Samsung’s new Gear VR headset. Both the headset and the app will be available in November, just in time for Black Friday sales. Hulu plans to eventually create original content for the VR crowd.

How are streaming competitors like Netflix and YouTube responding? Click here to read the full article.

And the Beat Drones on

As the popularity and use of drones rises, the need to defend from unwanted versions of the mini-aircraft is becoming more of a necessity. And a new strategy recently developed by three British-based companies is looking to “freeze” any unwanted aerial spectators in protected airspace. Enter the Anti-UAV Defense System, which works by scrambling the drones’ control system, freezing it in midair until the battery runs out.

It’s one of many ideas in the current anti-drone trend. Click here to find out other strategies that are being tested.

Metal That’s as Light as a Feather!?

Boeing wants to save airlines — and hopefully you — huge amounts of money by creating what it claims is the lightest metal ever manufactured. The micro-lattice structure of the metal is 99.99% air and Boeing hopes to use the material in wall and floor panels on commercial jets. A lighter plane requires less fuel, one of an airline’s biggest headache-inducing costs.

The metal is so light and airy it can sit on top of a delicate dandelion without disturbing a thing. Skeptical? Click here to see for yourself and to watch a video on the concept and manufacturing process.

SpaceX Is at It Again

SpaceX is ready for a second chance at launching its groundbreaking rocket, Falcon 9. You may recall the Elon Musk-headed space company first attempted to launch the rocket over the summer, when a strut broke off the top of the structure, leaking helium into the liquid oxygen tank and making the whole launch a giant fireworks show. But after endless tests and trials, SpaceX is ready to try again in December. No word on a specific date, but we’ll keep you posted.

SpaceX could revolutionize the way we travel to space. Find out how, and watch footage from the failed Falcon 9 attempt in June, by clicking here.


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