Are Physicians’ Staffs Underpaid?

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If you’ve ever wondered what the professionals in your doctors’ office are paid, a recent study questionnaire from Medscape to physicians asking about their staff came up with some interesting results.

The most notable, and predictable, differences in salaries are those between clinical and nonclinical staff. The typical assistant in a medical office makes a modest $30,000 a year, according to the physicians who responded. Billing assistants make more, averaging $37,000. But records keepers make only $26,500 a year. About three-fourths of the employees in a doctor’s office are full-time.

Salaries for clinical staff jump to $52,000 for registered nurses and climb further, to $85,000 a year, for physician assistants and $87,000 for nurse practitioners.

Ironically, only 65% of physicians’ offices provide health insurance for employees, though the number is a bit higher than it is for most small businesses, which average about 58%.

Slightly more than half of the offices surveyed gave raises to their employees of 1–2% this year, but 43% gave raises of 3–5%.

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