Your Health Data Is At Risk

On Friday, I discussed the possibility of fighting disease with the help of genomic data.

Today, let’s talk about the dark side of genomes. What would happen if that data got into the wrong hands?

Genomes not only predict diseases – it can predict the way we act.

Someone knowing how your genes make you behave is scary…

They would know what makes you “tick”. They could get inside your head. It would be the ultimate negotiation tool.

Marketers could use this information too. Just like advertisements on websites and social media based on your internet history… genomic data would yield the ultimate targeted ads based on your likes.

As genomic sequencing becomes accessible, people are going to want to have that information for their own health. But we are doing a dismal job at protecting that data.

Your health care records contain more personal information about you than your bank. Information sought after by hackers.

Last year, the top industry for data security breaches was health care:

Top 5 Security Breaches by Industry

In 2015, health insurers Premera Blue Cross and Excellus BlueCross compromised the personal information of over 10 million customers.

Electronic health care record provider Medical Informatics Engineering had a data breach exposing 3.9 million people.

According to IBM’s research, 2015 earned the name “year of the health care security breach.”

The FBI has warned that the health industry is more at risk than that of the financial and retail sectors.

The news isn’t all doom and gloom. The cybersecurity market will grow…and could make you wealthy.

Cybercrime costs the global economy some $400 billion per year. Cybersecurity companies that fight against hackers will be lucrative and fast growing.

I’ve identified a few of these companies in my Technology Profits Confidential portfolio. It will transform the way we approach information security.

Here’s to protecting your precious health care data.

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco
for The Daily Reckoning

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