A Trend That “Jumps up and Slaps You in the Face”

Today, I’m wrapping up my week-long recap of my adventures around Silicon Valley and the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area…

Or as some call it “Biotech Bay,”.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting several biotech innovators on my trip…

However, at one biotech event, I got a look into what’s going on in the mind of Corporate America.

This occurred when, by happenstance, my publisher Aaron Gentzler and I chatted with a scientist from a large international company that specializes in selling consumer products.

No, he was not a technology company employee, although I’ll bet all of you have heard of this company’s name…

What was interesting was the fact that this researcher was specifically interested in how augmented reality, wearable electronics and the internet of things could help this well-known company grow new products for its customers.

When companies like this one are turning to these emerging technologies as a way to compete in the future, it’s valuable validation that the tech trends I’ve been pointing out for months are real.

Aaron described it … “The trend jumps up and slaps you in the face.”

Aaron said this as we were walking through a parking lot to grab some dinner one evening. I hungrily agreed as several little Google-designed cars whizzed by.

I pointed, laughing.

Not because the cars are cute. But because they have no steering wheels!

These cars “drive themselves.”

It’s a funny sight that’s becoming more and more common these days…

Disruptive people-mover Uber is working on similar automation tech. The company is outfitting hundreds of Volvos with self-driving tech and unleashing them on the city of Pittsburgh — a huge middle finger extended to the taxi lobbies working to prevent open competition in the city.

Uber is also dropping serious money into an acquisition called Otto, which is working on transforming our over-the-road trucks into a fleet of robots.

Traditional auto companies are moving hard into this field too. Ford, for example, has engaged in a number of acquisitions and investments and plans on selling self-driving cars in just five years.

Again… with no steering wheels!

This market will be a very lucrative one, and key players are looking at the potential for growth hungrily.

Our cars will soon become some of the most powerful computing devices we own… and they will use that power to take us safely where we want to go.

Autonomous vehicles will be the biggest change in ground transportation since the invention of the automobile.

You’ll soon see for yourself. Stay tuned.

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco
for The Daily Reckoning

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