Companies That Embrace This Technology Will Skyrocket

The first thing I want you to do as you’re reading this is to take your smartphone out of your pocket and give it a good stare.

You are looking at a great example of how quickly a hot new technology can go stale.

Smartphones, the I-gotta-have-it darlings of the tech world just a few years ago, are, well, kind of boring these days.

iPhone 6s versus iPhone 5s? Ho-hum. You’re looking at a piece of technology that has so little new to offer at every reintroduction, it scares every Apple investor silly.

The smartphone is rapidly becoming a commodity.

Who really cares if you can write on the screen of your new Galaxy phone from Samsung? Can you text? Can you make a call? Can you check email? Do you really need more than that? Can you still play Pokémon GO on your old phone?

Smartphones are computers. And look what happened to them. A brand-new 2016 MacBook Pro is only marginally improved from the 2006 MacBook Pro I’ve been using for a solid 10 years. I know because I own both of them. The new one is a little lighter, has somewhat better screen resolution and has more memory.

But so what?

There’s a reason IBM sold its computer laptop division to Lenovo. Computers have become commodities. They’re basically the same piece of hardware they were a decade ago, except now you get fewer ports.

The same is happening to cellphones. They can’t get much lighter or thinner or wider, and even if the screens get a lot better, most people won’t notice.

Strangely, the part of a cellphone that drives everyone nuts — voice quality — is largely ignored by manufacturers. You want to see cellphones become commodities overnight? Make a decent smartphone that’s waterproof and shockproof and has good memory that’s easy to upgrade, and then charge $300 for it.

The only thing exciting about computers and cellphones these days is what has always made them exciting — newer and better software. And software doesn’t require a new machine every year.

But there’s a new technology in the wings that could revolutionize the next generation of smartphones.

Wireless charging.

Wireless charging represents the next leap forward for cellphones and other portable technology. It will create a new level of convenience and functionality — creating fresh demand for all sorts of electronic devices.

Companies that embrace this new charging revolution could see their profits skyrocket… taking shareholders along for the ride.

To your health and wealth,

Stephen L. Petranek
for The Daily Reckoning

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