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This is the Biggest Election Game-Changer Yet…

Twelve more days and it’s all over…

You’ve almost made it through election season. In less than two weeks, you’ll be able to venture back out into the world without risking exposure to political debate. Heck, you might even have a chance to turn on the television without getting bombarded by ads for Hillary and The Donald.

But there is something other than the presidential candidates on this year’s ballot that’s caught our eye…

I’m talking about the legalization of marijuana.

Five states— California, Nevada, Maine, Arizona, and Massachusetts— will be voting for recreational marijuana. Four other states will be voting on either medical use or provisions of existing marijuana laws.

We’ve seen this story before. Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington have already legalized recreational use of marijuana, creating a brand new, legal industry in these states complete with windfall tax revenue and pot tourism.

If the floodgates open on Nov. 8th and voters approve recreational marijuana in five more states, we’re set to see incredible growth in this fledgling industry.

Of course, this could have huge implications for investors…


You’ll have to dig pretty deep to hear any real news about how and where to invest within the emerging new sector.

But the opportunities are there…

This election is opening up the market for legal marijuana for up to 75 million people. For a market that didn’t exist four years ago, this is a huge leap.

Just check out the revenue projections associated with marijuana legalization…

A cannabis investment research group projects that legal marijuana sales in the U.S. were up to $5.7 billion from $4.6 billion in 2014. Pending the election results, this market could more than double. That’s incredible growth for an industry that only existed on the black market just a few years ago.

Despite this rapid growth, there are a lot of people who remain skeptical of the legal pot market—and for good reason…

Marijuana use may be legal in a select number of states. But it remains a Schedule I drug and illegal at the federal level. That means retailers must work within the confines of rules and regulations for their state while legitimately breaking federal laws.

Not to mention that anything involving the physical marijuana plant is restricted from crossing state lines.

This is creating a pretty complex system for those involved to dance around…

Despite these restrictions, resources for new potrepreneurs are popping up to take advantage of this huge new market. The Cannabis Commodities Exchange is an effort to connect and coordinate buying and selling of wholesale cannabis product to suppliers and the Cannabis Benchmark is using big data to provide transparency and projections for the market of legal marijuana.

Quickly and quietly, the marijuana business is beginning to boom. We’ll continue to stay hot on the trail of any potential investment opportunities that emerge in this space. We’re already seeing biotech firms beginning research on some cannabis related medication—a much safer bet considering 25 states already allow medical use of marijuana.

If you’re an investor, you have a lot to gain by the marijuana vote come Nov. 8th. Our own Ray Blanco is hot on the trail of the best marijuana investments on the market. You can get your hands on his research by clicking here…


Greg Guenthner
for The Daily Reckoning

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Greg Guenthner

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