Superman Flies Again – The Wealth Story of the Decade Ahead

Christopher Reeve made a perfect Superman.

Tall, handsome, and indestructible, he embodied the spirit of Superman like no other actor to ever play the comic book superhero.

Sadly, as you know, real life isn’t like comic books.

In May 1995, Reeve shattered his second and third vertebrae in a horse riding accident.

Though he never walked again, he spent the rest of his life advocating for research to find new ways to treat severe spinal cord injuries.

At the time, a way to allow Reeve to walk again wasn’t scientifically possible. No amount of money or connections could help him.

Reeve died in 2004 at the age of 52.

About 12,000 Americans every year suffer an injury similar to Reeve’s.

Globally, the WHO estimates up to 250,000 spinal cord injuries yearly.

In the US, average lifetime care and rehabilitation costs approach $5 million per person, per catastrophic spinal cord injury.

That’s $60 billion a year. It’s an avalanche of suffering for patients, family, and caregivers.

But this isn’t about money.

Injuries this devastating go beyond money, straight to the moral necessity of figuring out how we as a society can give our soldiers, football players, car crash victims, and those injured in severe falls a new lease on life.

A second chance. A chance at the normal, independent lives you and I enjoy every day.

Problem is, we can’t repair the spinal column post-injury. It’s just too complex, too fragile.

Right? Same as it was in Superman’s case?

What would you say if I told you there’s work underway right now that could give young men and women severely injured a car accidents… or on the football field… or the field of battle…

… Men and women who today hear they will never use their arms or legs again…

… Men and women who will live the rest of their lives looking up at the world from a bed…

… That new lease on life. The chance at independence. The chance to enjoy what you and I enjoy every day of our lives.

You wouldn’t believe me. You’d shake your head and tell me it’s a great goal, but it’s not scientifically possible.

You’d come up with a good reason why I was a fool.

Then I’d show you this.

Click play below:


This is real. This is happening right now.

The most direct way to say it is, those with severe spinal cord injuries (12,000 a year in America, remember) could be on the verge of receiving the biggest medical miracle of the decade ahead.

In fact, this miracle could represent the biggest fundamental shift, the biggest single advance, to medicine since open heart surgery.

A moment ago, I said this isn’t about money. It isn’t.

This is about giving hope to those who have none. This is about science lifting those up who face an uncertain, bedridden future.

The science you just saw in that video clip is a world first. It’s on the verge of changing lives around the world.

And you have a chance to be part of it – to profit from it – before it’s on the mainstream news.

That news exposure is coming… maybe just weeks from now.

Because when this amazing breakthrough comes into widespread awareness, the frenzy could be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

This isn’t about money. Still true.

But make no mistake, if you’re in front of this story, you’re going to have a chance to get richer than you ever dreamed.

All the possible Supermen – and Superwomen – of the future who today never have a chance to fly… will get their chance due to this incredible work.

Click here to find out how you can get on board the wealth ride of your life…

In fact, I’ll even introduce you to the scientist responsible for making this miracle real.


Aaron Gentzler
for The Daily Reckoning

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