Pot Stock Expert Ray Blanco: The Pot Stock Market Right Now

Tech, biotech, and cannabis industry investing expert Ray Blanco’s in the office this week.

Getting time with Ray right now is like scoring tickets to the hottest show on Broadway.

Everyone wants Ray’s latest read on the cannabis stocks rocketing to huge gains.

Everyone wants to know where the story goes from here.

Everyone wants to hear what tiny, off-the-radar company he likes best right now.

Today, you get a first look at what’s got Ray’s attention RIGHT NOW.

From his work in Technology Profits Confidential, finding the best hidden pot stocks and the tech trends changing our lives…

… To his elite-level research in Penny Pot Profits

… To his cannabis biotech investigations in his FDA Trader trading advisory…

I wanted to hear Ray’s plan for what comes next. Where do you go to get the biggest gain chances right now?

The following is an edited transcript of a lunch conversation I had with Ray on Wednesday. You get a first look at the biggest moneymaking ideas he sees right now.

Lunch With Ray Blanco – A Tidal Wave of Profit Potential

12:39pm – Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Baltimore, MD – Near Agora Financial HQ

Amanda Stiltner: Ray, what’s going on, big picture, with pot stocks right now?

Ray Blanco: There’s some price consolidation right now. We had a good bump in the last few weeks on the Canada legalization news. Frankly, I wasn’t surprised Prime Minister Trudeau followed through on one of his biggest campaign promises. Like any politician, he knows a cash cow when he sees one.

From a law and order perspective, more forward-thinking cannabis laws make good sense. And from a tax revenue perspective, regulating cannabis makes better budget sense than prohibition. Decades later, it’s the repeal of alcohol Prohibition all over again. I predict all major governments will come to recognize this and will take the appropriate steps.

It won’t happen overnight. And there will be all kinds of pitfalls along the way. But the trend is pretty clear at this point. The people are voting directly in statewide referendums. They are saying marijuana should not be banned. It should be regulated, taxed, and sold. Furthermore, the people are clearly demanding the medical implications of marijuana be investigated fully.

The investors who are in the best cannabis industry stocks ahead of time will collect the biggest benefits. You want to get in early, in other words.

Separating Good Pot Stocks From Bad Ones

AS: Let’s talk about those rewards. How do you separate the good pot stocks from the bad ones?

RB: I work my tail off to find out everything there is to know about any stock, not just pot stocks. First, I read what I can read. I look at the stock on its merits. Anyone can do this, really. But I think what separates the successful stock research from the so-so research is what comes next.

I pick up the phone. I call people who know people in the industry. I dig around. In some cases, I get company leadership on the phone myself. Then I grill the hell out of them. I try to keep a skeptic’s eye on everything, because that’s what my readers expect of me. If I was over the moon about every idea that came down the pike, my research wouldn’t be as successful as it is.

A good pot stock, in the end, is like a good any other kind of stock. It’s selling a product or a service the market wants more of. It has good, quality leadership. It has responsible financials. It has a plan for the future. And the right people in place to make that future a reality.

Pot Stocks Vs. Other “Hyped-Up” Market Trends

AS: Give me an example of an idea everyone likes that you investigated and didn’t come away pleased with. Doesn’t have to be a pot stock.

RB: Good question. Let’s see. I love blockchain, but don’t like bitcoin. That’s one example. The tech implications of secure transfer and encryption are huge. The future of bitcoin itself is unclear. So would I be whole hog in bitcoin? No way.

The “Internet of Things” is another one. Are there really great opportunities coming? Are people going to make a ton of money? Am I going to run down every lead like a cheetah and show my readers the best ways to profit? Yes, yes, and yes.

But right now, I frankly find the “Internet of Things” boring. Wake me when we get beyond dimmers for the lights in the living room and thermostats and garage door openers and whatnot.

When there’s real transformational progress that’s going to change lives, the big money making ideas will follow. That’s when I’ll jump in to the really deep research for readers.

The Road Ahead for Cannabis Investing

AS: I’m sure you’d agree pot stocks are the biggest money making idea you’ve researched in the last 6 – 8 months. Can you look that far ahead – where are we then? Where does this story go from here?

RB: Great question. Like I mentioned a moment ago, I think the trend is clear. Legalization and expanded medical is the road ahead.

Stocks with ideas like cannabis-derived compounds for pain management have my attention right now. Or CBD oils that could potentially be used for Parkinson’s or epilepsy treatment. That’s exciting. Israel, for example, is so far ahead of us in some of this research.

If I seem biased toward medical applications, it’s because I am. Sure, the companies that sell pot retail in legalized states. They’ll make tons of money. The “picks and shovels” companies – growing equipment, farming solutions, security – they’ll make big money too.

But the medical implications are going to push research forward in all these ways we’re just now starting to understand. The potential is off the charts.

And I’m really running hard right now to cover all the angles for all my readers, regardless of what letter they get from me. All these good stocks have a niche. Their own way of approaching the potential on tap.

I’m trying to keep researching with fresh eyes every single day. This is an exciting time, certainly, and I don’t want our readers to miss a single profit-making chance.

How the Best Pot Stocks Will Rise to the Top

AS: Final thought – I know we need to get back to the office. We get asked all the time when we do subscriber conference calls. How is the pot industry going to grow?

So many companies can’t bank. They can’t transport. Medical restrictions in so many states are so tight. How does all this growth you’re forecasting actually happen?

RB: That’s the million-dollar question, right? Short answer is the best ideas always rise to the top.

AS: Sorry to interrupt. What’s the best idea you see in the pot space? Just give me one.

RB: Like I mentioned a moment ago, I like all the medical players with real testing underway. Real potential treatments in the works. I think the full medical potential is just off the charts.

AS: Ok, so big picture medical over recreational?

RB: Yeah. It’s close. But yes. If I have to pick one, I’m looking at cannabis biotech over cannabis retail. Now let me hedge!

California legalization will be huge as the state ramps up this year into next year. Nevada’s a huge story. We’ve had some great conversations with companies based in Nevada.

Colorado’s got it figured out. The cash is rolling in. Texas could get on board here soon. The best ideas will rise to the top, cash will go where it’s treated best, and the best stocks will explode. It’s that simple.

AS: Thanks, Ray. I’ll get a transcript made of this recording and get it out to our readers.

RB: My pleasure. Always great talking with you.


Amanda Stiltner
for The Daily Reckoning

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