A Crisis in the Making — An Opportunity on the Rise

Here’s a startling statistic: Every 66 seconds, someone in the United States is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

People are living longer. And the medical community continues to advance treatments for cancer and heart disease to prolong life.

But Alzheimer’s awaits a cure — even a treatment — that significantly slows its destructive nature.

Today, more than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease. And that number’s rising.

As we live longer, the need for a greater quality of life emerges for many seniors.

Alzheimer’s is an expensive condition to treat — patients can suffer through the slow grind of dementia for years.

The costs to help Alzheimer’s patients live some degree of normality are enormous.

This is dire, I know. But huge breakthroughs are happening in this space, I assure you. And it will open up a huge profit opportunity for you.

Investment in research continues to sharply accelerate due to the growing problem. It will focus on preventing dementia, studying lifestyle changes to cope with the disease and treating developed symptoms.

Moreover, the market to help dementia patients will skyrocket. From hospitals to skilled-care professionals, and from home health care to professional medical specialties…The different ways to profit from this market are huge.

Scientific consensus notes that the current longevity wave rides on pharmacological advances aimed at halting or reversing aging.

Living to 100 or longer is now, scientifically speaking, a reasonable expectation for those born in the next generation.

That’s startling. Just a century ago, the average life span fell short of 50. Today, it’s fast approaching 80.

Big Pharma has created longer life spans. But dementia, crumbling bones, macular degeneration, obesity-driven diseases and diabetes-related ailments increasingly rob us of a smooth walk to the kitchen or a coherent conversation with a neighbor.

So, what is the quality-of-life cost to living a drastically longer life? That’s the painful irony. We live longer, with no idea how our quality of life will be.

Alzheimer’s disease holds a vicarious position in the health and well-being world. That’s because of the nature of the disease and the number of people who are and will be affected by it.

By some scientific estimates, people over the age of 85 have a 50 percent chance of getting Alzheimer’s. As more and more people live well into their 70s and 80s, the risk of Alzheimer’s grows exponentially.

How to stay healthy, live longer — and most importantly, live with grace and dignity — is a trend in its infancy.

And it’s a trend challenged by Alzheimer’s more than any other disease.

Thanks to what we’ve learned, a light appears in the search for a breakthrough.

According to in-house biotech expert Ray Blanco, in 2015 a company called Biogen saw its market value grow by $40 billion in just a few months after it announced promising results from a clinical trial for a drug called aducanumab.

“This wasn’t even a late-stage trial. It was an early one, when a drug development company is generally trying to find out whether a therapy is safe or not.” According to Ray.

This is just one of many breakthroughs are happening right now in the fight against Alzheimer’s, dementia, and age-related disease.

This is a space that will continue to grow — and we will continue to watch.

There’s no doubt Alzheimer’s will create a huge economic and social tsunami in the decade ahead. Science will make inroads. Investors will make a profit.

Until next time,

Gerald Celente

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