Readers Agree: I’m Wrong AGAIN!

“Crooked Hillary? Are you a birther, too?” a reader complains. “Trump is a tool, and if you use his sayings, so are you.”

This is a very low-energy email. This guy doesn’t like my Trump talk. Sad!

It shouldn’t surprise me. This politically brainwashed market is getting completely out of hand. I’ve complained for months about how stock market analysts are ignoring the ticker tape and diving into political commentary. So when I bring up The Donald or Hillary, I should expect the hate to roll in…

I have a lot of readers who are pissed off over politics these days. My inbox overflows with angry letters every single time I mention the goings-on in Washington.

Of course, I’m an equal-opportunity hater. There’s nothing worse than when the politicians get their grubby hands on the free market. We’ve seen this firsthand with our biotech trades. Every time these stocks would catch some momentum during campaign season, a candidate would bring up drug pricing and panicked speculators would start to sell. Both Trump and Hillary were guilty of this maneuver. No bias here!

Our motto around these parts is simple: Only price pays. Aside from a few jokes here and there, we don’t dive down the political rabbit hole. Trying to trade politics is almost as hopeless as attempting to trade news headlines.

But some folks just don’t get it…

“It’s telling that you call CNN ‘fake news’ then put up a screen shot of that source’s website with headlines about things that were actually said, and events that actually occurred, with denial X’s over them,” a reader whines.

“If you want to focus on financial events, then great; you are fantastic at that mission. But please, keep the ‘fake news’ editorializing to yourselves. It weakens your other words and makes you look like ignorant fools, or worse, reprehensible liars, to potentially more than half of your mostly intelligent readers.”

I can’t say “fake news” anymore? C’mon… did you read some of these doozies?

CNN Fake News

My point (which you clearly missed) is that CNN’s political gossip about how the president’s daughter was booed in Germany or “7 ways a government shutdown could affect your daily life” will never help us make a single penny in the stock market. Not now. Not ever.

There’s nothing left to do but ridicule the political noise machine. If you let this nonsense distract you, you’ll never book another successful investment in your life.

Let’s get back on track with one last note:

“Portfolio is getting too big!” the email reads.

Finally! Some constructive feedback. Short and informative. I love it!

And I agree. Our list of trade ideas is getting a bit bulky. The market has been kind to most of our plays. But it never hurts to take some money off the table. Be sure to take profits early and often.

If you want to continue stacking up gains like these, avoid politics like the plague.


Greg Guenthner
for The Daily Reckoning

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