Ray Blanco: THIS Is the Future of Cannabis

Forget the tired old clichés.

“Troubled” teens and old hippies are no longer the faces of marijuana.

Today the faces of pot are PhD’s and Wall Street executives sporting stark white lab coats and thousand dollar suits.

These are the new power players in pot. They’re carving out lucrative niches in the booming pot industry.

Ray Blanco has the full story on why cannabis could be YOUR portfolio game changer below.


Amanda Stiltner
for The Daily Reckoning

A Green Solution to the Aging Population

By Ray Blanco

What I’ve seen is only confirming the strength of the trend for cannabis adoption in the United States.

Investors and entrepreneurs I’ve been talking to and networking with are coming straight from Wall Street and Fortune 500 companies.

These aren’t cannabis chronic user types. I don’t want to stereotype, but these folks aren’t in that mold.

These are really sharp and successful people who are starting to swarm into the industry because the opportunity for profits is so clear and present.

And the private money is rolling in from sources in the venture capital world. More millions were invested in cannabis startups in the first quarter of this year than in all of 2016.

Cannabis is booming.

One company I recently profiled for Breakthrough Technology Alert readers, in fact, was one of the earliest players in the medical marijuana space. It’s diversified into several aspects of the business, holds licenses to National Institutes of Health patents and is heavily invested in early-stage cannabis biotech.

The company is set to benefit from the green tide that’s rolling into our economy.

I have to level with you. At one time, years ago, I was quite skeptical about cannabis as something useful for anything other than feeling good.… although without a doubt that market is growing, and it’s going to be huge.

But the scientific evidence for the health benefits of cannabis just keeps piling up.

We aren’t talking about studies used on mice in the lab. And we aren’t talking about anecdotal evidence.

We’re talking about blinded, controlled human clinical trials — the gold standard for biotechnology and pharmaceutical research.

It’s starting to become apparent that cannabis or its derivatives could make a huge dent in our nation’s health care situation.

As you know, we’ve got a major bulge working its way through our demography. It’s called the baby boom generation. They are entering their final decades.

Health care in the last decades of life can be incredibly expensive. It isn’t going to help the already difficult financial position the country is in.

It’s a grey wave that threatens to bankrupt the country.

But some of the compounds in cannabis appear to work very well on some of the diseases of aging. The body’s endocannabinoid system regulates the immune system and the inflammatory environment in our tissues. Cannabis compounds act on that system and modify its behavior.

Inflammation, in some form or another, is one of the major causes of many age-related diseases. It’s sometimes referred to as “inflammaging.” Cannabis is a possible solution. Evidence is mounting. It could put off billions in unnecessary spending for avoidable age-related health problems.

And the boomers could end up enjoying longer, healthier, happier life spans, too.

I am keeping a very close eye on developments, and you’ll hear more about them as events unfold — especially in the biotech and supplements space.

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco
for The Daily Reckoning

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