I’ve Never Seen Any Trading System This Accurate…

Seven for seven.

That’s the final tally of a top-secret beta test we’ve conducted in these pages for the past six months.

Since January, I’ve been using a proprietary trading tool my friend and quantitative analyst Jonas Elmerraji has developed.

I’ve used this tool to tell me what plays to buy, when to buy them, and when to sell. I then passed that information on to you. In short, my analysis had nothing to do with the trades. The computer selected every single one of them.

At the time, I told you that Jonas’ trading software has netted us gains on every single trade it identified…

Except one.

The final position, Laboratory Holding Corporation of America (NYSE:LH) is still active.

Until today.

You see, we’re selling it. As I write, we should be looking at about a 14% gain on LabCorp.

That’s about double the performance of the rest of the S&P 500 over that same timeframe.

And it means we close this secret beta test with an astounding 100% win-rate. Seven trades, seven wins.

Let’s take a moment put that into perspective with a bit of back-of-the-napkin math…

Let’s say picking a winning short-term trade randomly has similar odds to a coin flip. In that case, the odds of hitting seven winning trades in a row works out to something like 1400 to 1 odds against pulling it off.

In other words, you’d have to be pretty damn lucky to pull it off by chance alone.

A few months back, Jonas sent me an updated sell date for LabCorp – he’d just updated his algorithm to pinpoint gains with even higher accuracy. It’s July 16. Since that falls on a Sunday this year, the system dictates that we go ahead and take profits today.

With computer-tested models in charge, there’s no guesswork involved. The numbers point us directly to the best-performing stocks on the market during any given timeframe…

Back when I first told you about this trade we were expecting a 17% gain from LabCorp.

Almost six months later, and we’re within 3% of that average gain number – I’ve never seen any trading system with that kind of accuracy…

Of course, in the real world, this system can produce much bigger gains than the ones we’ve booked. Jonas’ system allows you to leverage these gains. That produces some impressive results.

So, what’s the root of this powerful trading system?

It all comes down to a simply price pattern that looks like the letter “K”. You may have already heard about how it works.

If not, here’s a quick refresher:

A K-Sign is the 100% proprietary pattern that’s formed by the simplified price line of a stock and a proprietary indicator generated by Jonas’ algorithm. Slap those two lines on a chart, and the buy signal looks something like this:

K sign

When you see that pattern, the one that looks like a “K” tipped on its back, it means you’re looking at an important buy signal.

Then, a “K” tipped forward is our signal that it’s time to sell. Simple as that.

You’ve already seen the results in real-time during our beta test this year. No cherry picking.

We just took the trades as they came.

Unfortunately, today’s sell signal in LabCorp means that the beta test is over. That’s the bad news.

But the good news is that you can still get the next trade Jonas’ system triggers.

I’ve been able to negotiate a unique arrangement as a token of our publisher’s appreciation for helping to validate the K-Sign in this real-world test.

Click here to get the details.


Greg Guenthner
for The Daily Reckoning

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