Electrifying Gains From a Senator’s Brain?

Rich or poor, famous or unknown, cancer doesn’t care who you are.

You can even be a U.S. senator and former nominee for president.

By now, you might be guessing I’m talking about John McCain.

Just a few days ago, the veteran Arizona senator underwent surgery on a blood clot in his brain. When the lab results came back, they indicated the presence of brain cancer.

Some cancer types have become imminently curable — especially if diagnosed early. Former President Jimmy Carter was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma a few years ago and, thanks to new cancer-fighting technology, is still alive today.

The type of cancer McCain has, however, is particularly deadly. Historically, most glioblastoma patients don’t survive two years after discovering they have the disease, and only a small percentage get to see the fifth anniversary of that date.

McCain survived flying attack aircraft over hostile territory as well as torture in POW camps — and many an electoral campaign — but can he survive this latest challenge?

With recent developments in fighting cancer, he just might have a shot.

Just as with Carter, new technology is coming online… just in time to possibly keep McCain alive beyond historical norms for this type of cancer. And one potential company could provide a long-awaited breakthrough that he and many others desperately need.

One thing to know is that this company isn’t making a new drug. It’s making a new medical device. This device generates an electrical field that stops cancer cells from dividing by disrupting their internal cell structures.

It’s an ideal method for going after brain cancer. Glioblastoma cells divide aggressively, but ordinary brain cells do not. And the company’s new therapy exploits that difference.

So far, the company has shown that its medical device provides a huge survival boost in patients with brain cancer.

The therapy is also already being marketed for some types of brain cancer, but the company is working on marketing the device to more cancer patients, as well as running more clinical trials for other cancer types.

Just this week, the company announced a new clinical trial combining its proprietary method with chemotherapy. If past evidence is any guide, I expect the trial will show a big improvement in patient survival.

McCain’s cancer might give the company a chance to show the world what its new technology can do… and that could really raise the company’s profile!

This breakthrough in electric technology could help protect McCain’s life and help thousands of others, too. But even more electrifying are the potential gains for you.

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco
for The Daily Reckoning

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