For Cryptocurrencies, the Future Is Now

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this in my career.

And the good news is that you don’t need to know anything about Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies to take part in the bonanza.

In fact, what I call “penny” cryptocurrencies are one of the last legal ways for small investors to grow rich starting with a small initial grubstake.


On Friday, March 17, 2017, a tiny little cryptocurrency called EnergyCoin was trading at a little over one third of a penny. The exact price was .003578 of a dollar.

Then a powerful super-spike struck and over a 99-day period EnergyCoin skyrocketed to 34 cents. That’s a whopping 9,566% gain — enough to turn a $1,000 investment into a staggering $95,660.

Or imagine if you had a good feeling about EnergyCoin and put down $5,000…

You could have collected $478,300. That’s over $4,800 a day for 99 days straight. Double that starting stake to $10,000 and you’re looking at close to a cool million… from one single trade.

That’s like earning a $9,662 salary… per day… for more than three full months!

Now I hope you can you see why I’m so excited about the unlimited potential of these super-spikes in cryptocurrencies.

Practically every day, I’m seeing astronomical gains of 300%… 400%… even 3,000% — some in as little as 24 hours.

But here’s where it really gets interesting… On Nov. 20, 2013, a cryptocurrency by the name of Freicoin was ripe for the picking. Shares traded for fractions of a penny.

Ten days later, shares exploded to 33 cents each. Even a small investment was a moonshot.

Had you put $5,000 into this cryptocurrency play, you would have earned yourself a fantastic sum of $291,500. That’s a gain of 5,820% — in just one simple move.

Beats working for a living, right?

But in order to “win” in this market — and to win big — you need to be able to separate the real deal from the losers.

To do that, you need someone who knows the cryptocurrency markets through and through.

And I knew exactly who I wanted as my “secret weapon” for this new project of mine.

The thing is I just didn’t know if he’d agree to do it. And I’ll tell you this — he wasn’t easy to get.

As an adviser to the U.S. Treasury Department he’s got more than four decades of experience in the creation of new money across the world.

So here’s the bottom line:

I officially locked him into my team.

I can honestly say my “secret weapon” is one of a handful of people in the entire world who have actually created a real tradable currency.

And that’s a mega-advantage in this market.

As you’ve seen, these cryptocurrency super-spikes can deliver life-changing gains lightning quick.

They key is finding the handful of candidates with unique characteristics, untapped market demand and an upcoming catalyst destined to launch them into the mainstream.

That’s exactly what we’re doing right now. Our “A Team” is in place and hard at work. And I can confidently say that there are fortunes waiting to made over the next month alone.

For cryptocurrencies, the future is now.

And this is your invitation to that future.

For Tomorrow’s Trends Today,

Louis Basenese
Louis Basenese

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