Cryptos Officially Go Mainstream

We couldn’t ask to be investing during more exciting times!

Bitcoin continues to soar to record highs. Forget $3,000 — the first cryptocurrency game in town blew through that previous record and topped $4,000 recently.

The space is growing and new developments mean huge new gain opportunities right around the corner.

Let me quickly explain…

The New Alternative Asset of Choice

A spike in international tensions always sends investors looking for nontraditional investment options. They’re essentially security blankets during a time of increased uncertainty.

Traditionally, gold has been the nontraditional asset of choice. But not this time around! Gold prices have barely budged.

Instead, investors are pouring capital into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, thereby establishing the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies as a viable alternative asset class.

What does that mean for our cause? More capital flows that are destined to push prices higher and faster as new political disagreements erupt.

In other words, we just added another factor to the list of catalysts that can lead to massive spikes in prices for our active recommendations.

Mainstream financial institutions are now committed to helping expand awareness of — and, therefore, investment interest in — cryptocurrencies.

Or as the Wall Street Journal reports, “Interest in digital currency is rising among hedge funds, brokerages and major financial institutions.”

Perhaps the most telling development in this respect is brokerage firm Fidelity’s recent decision to allow customers to see their Coinbase digital wallets on its site. Right next to their stock and bond investments!

The next logical progression? Allowing customers to start trading cryptos on the Fidelity site. While Fidelity hasn’t disclosed any such plans, it’s coming. Mark my words.

Look for other financial institutions to start offering similar capabilities to view crypto assets in traditional investment accounts, too, which will only further establish the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies as a new asset class.

Again, the more visibility cryptocurrencies get from credible firms, the more investment demand they’ll attract.

As I said before, we couldn’t ask for a more exciting time to get into cryptocurrencies.

Three More ICO Resources

As you know, we don’t simply focus on public cryptocurrencies here. We also focus on emerging cryptocurrencies that are preparing for a public debut, known as initial coin offerings (ICOs).

That’s because we want to make sure you get the opportunity to profit from every corner of the cryptocurrency market. And because they’re attracting massive amounts of capital.

In fact, the latest data from Goldman Sachs reveal that ICO funding surpassed angel- and seed-stage funding for internet companies for two consecutive months:

With that said, today, we have three new ICO resources to share with you:

  1. ICO Alert — Provides a list of active and upcoming ICOs as well as performance tracking for recent ICOs.
  1. TokenMarket — A cryptocurrency and token database that includes a helpful ICO calendar with real-time alerts when an ICO opens, closes and becomes tradable.
  1. CoinSchedule — Provides a list of all important dates for ICOs, crowdfunding, major milestones and conferences.

Whereas is the place to go to monitor all things crypto once a currency begins trading, these three sites should prove invaluable in monitoring the ICO market. So bookmark them and follow along with us.

Of course, if you don’t have the time, don’t sweat it. We’ll alert you to all the important developments that require urgent attention.

Remember to continue to stay tuned as things develop.


Louis Basenese
for The Daily Reckoning

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