“Master Plan” Profits Part 2: Owning the AR Future

After 10 years of producing iPhones, Apple is looking to create the next explosive technology boom. And by all indications, the field it’s betting big on is augmented reality (AR).

The AR market is currently worth about $2.6 billion… but some experts believe it could be worth as much as $7 trillion by 2027.

That’s a potential jump of 269,130% in a decade… and a chance for you to see an oversized payday if you buy into the right companies before the uptrend goes vertical.

In yesterday’s report I talked about a new, soon to be indispensable technology.

I’m talking about AR glasses, also referred to at as smartglasses

After 10 years of producing iPhones, Apple is looking to create the next explosive technology boom. And by all indications, the field it’s betting big on is augmented reality (AR).

Let me tell you all about it…

A Match Made in Heaven

Today Apple is expected to announce its latest iteration of the iPhone 8. As discussed, it will likely feature many advances in AR technology.

But there will still be a major limitation — you will essentially have to hold your phone in front of your face to benefit from AR. You’ll need your camera to look around, and you’ll have to stare at your phone’s screen to see the information.

A wearable headset will alleviate those problems. Information can be projected onto a transparent surface covering your eyes, so information will be superimposed over what you are actually seeing.

Displays have to have high resolution. Batteries have to be light and powerful. And there has to be a way for users to interact with a wearable AR device… keyboards and even touch screens are just too bulky and unwieldy.

Early attempts at more sophisticated augmented reality systems haven’t caught on — much like early attempts at making smartphones. But companies have been working vigorously to change all that.

Today new display’s optical designs are up to 60% thinner and 50% lighter than conventional virtual reality optics.

Another important advance includes new voice recognition chip hardware. This is needed for users to be able to send commands to AR “smart glasses” under real-world conditions, and not rely on a clunky keyboard to interact with AR software.

More Than Just AR

Voice interfaces are becoming more and more popular and, as the technology improves, will become more popular still. Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Echo could all work much better with a superior audio chip to enhance them. And as mentioned before will be crucial to integrate the best AR experience with the user.

But the overarching story here is AR tech. With Apple’s new iPhone release, AR is reaching an inflection point for investors… driving rapid growth for the industry.

One company for example, firmly supplanted in the AR space, recently reported second-quarter revenue of $5.9 million, beating the year-ago quarter by 36%. This is extremely telling about the industry as a whole. It’s hot right now!

Apple’s next step in the AR market could take them to an even higher level. An Apple AR headset is inevitable… and the company who locks down that partnership should see huge increases in revenue.

With this market projected to grow from $2.6 billion to $7 trillion over the next decade. We’re talking huge opportunities to cash in moving forward.

And innovative companies in this space offer an opportunity to stake a claim in the next stage of a insane 269,130% growth.

Of course as things develop I will continue to send alerts to make sure you can make the most of this exciting new industry.

To a bright future,

For Tomorrow’s Trends Today,

Ray Blanco
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