Now Hiring: Highly Paid Pot Professionals

Jobs numbers hit Wall Street last week.

Total unemployment dropped from 1.4% to 1.3%. Weekly jobless claims fell by 22,000 — a level not seen since March 1973.

The most significant slump in jobless claims was seen in Florida, Texas, Georgia and Michigan. Overall, the jobless rate dropped to 4.2% — a new 16-year low if you buy the official numbers.

The numbers are certainly headline-worthy. But they’re not the only ones that matter anymore.

For weed investors, the most interesting job data isn’t coming from the traditional sources.

Instead, you can find them on the state of California’s CalCareers website.

Pot Jobs Go White Collar


That’s how much you’d stand to make as a pot engineering geologist in the cannabis permitting and compliance program. The state is hiring several other six-figure science positions for its burgeoning Bureau of Cannabis Control. Last year, the bureau had just 11 full-time workers! Now they need new office space for more than 100 new staff expected by next February.

As California gets ready for recreational sales as early as Jan. 1, 2018, regulators are scrambling to get their act together.

That’s creating a bunch of high-paying jobs in the state.

Better yet, those jobs are fully funded by the windfall of pot taxes that California is going to get to collect.

California is just the latest example of the pot job bonanza. I’ve told you about the scores of side businesses that also stand to benefit from the push toward legal pot.

From the retail jobs at dispensaries to scientist positions at pot testing and R&D facilities, legal pot is bringing a lot of legitimate economic opportunity to folks.

Currently, the legal cannabis industry employs an estimated 165,000–230,000 full- and part-time workers, according to Marijuana Business Daily. That number is going to rise dramatically as legal medical and recreational cannabis become more the norm.

Universities are even getting in on the act, prepping students for the best jobs in this new weed-based economy.

A True “Higher Ed” Experience

Northern Michigan University recently announced a major in medicinal plant chemistry. The program is the only four-year undergraduate program of its kind, according to NMU. Students can choose between an entrepreneurial track, which includes business and accounting classes, or a bioanalytical track, which covers more advanced chemistry and biology.

It’s clear that a major trend is afoot. Good, professional pot jobs are here to stay.

As prohibition states watch things unfold, it’ll become much harder for them to ignore the huge tax windfall and job creation that come with making marijuana legal.

I expect we’ll see some major changes over the next few election cycles. A small stake in U.S. pot now could mean big things in the near future and would put you in prime position for some really nice profits.

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Ray Blanco
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