Hyperledger project

First Look: The Hyperledger Project

Yesterday I hinted at a brand-new blockchain network powered by some of the biggest names around.

Today I’m bringing you an insider’s look at this brand-new version of the popular network.

Introducing the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger project.

It’s biggest innovation in blockchain tech I’ve ever seen.

Pulling Back the Curtain

The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on enabling mass innovation through open source networks and technology.

Founded in 2000, the foundation provides unparalleled support for open source communities through financial and intellectual resources, infrastructure and other services.

The foundation’s previous success is unparalleled. They’ve created some of the most ambitious innovations in shared technology we’ve ever seen.

Just look at their track record of successes:

  • Linux is the operating system for over 95% of the top million web domains
  • 500 of the most powerful supercomputers in the world run Linux
  • 80% of new smartphones run Android, an OS based on Linux code
  • The NYSE, Nasdaq, London and Tokyo stock exchanges all use Linux for their systems.

That’s just the short list.

Now the Linux Foundation is leading the way in a collaborative effort of over 150 major organizations to create an entirely new blockchain network.

With a track record like this, you can bet Linux is going to do it better than anyone else.

The Best of Blockchain and Nothing Else

The Hyperledger project is a new version of blockchain that offers enterprise-grade, open source frameworks.

This isn’t some hyped-up cryptocurrency network. It’s a blockchain network built by big business for big business.

Hyperledger is a user-verified and trusted version of blockchain that utilizes the best aspects of this tech while solving its biggest problems.

Hyperledger networks allow for anything of value to be tracked and traded. The application of which is already showing great promise.

Hyperledger could singlehandedly revolutionize the way companies conduct business across every major industry.

We’re seeing immediate impact in a number of industries including financial services.

For example, Hyperledger allows financial service transactions to be settled in minutes instead of days.

Reducing the time it takes to conduct these transactions may seem insignificant.

But it’s worth billions in cold, hard cash to the likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and the world’s major financial exchanges such as the NYSE.

Cost-cutting of that scale translates into growth. Which, through rising share values, could greatly bolster your own portfolio.

If you invest in companies utilizing this technology.

But the benefits of a streamlined trustworthy blockchain network don’t end there. It can also help companies manage the flow of goods and related payments. This means streamlined manufacturing and shipping costs could be reduced by billions of dollars.

If you’re looking for a growth facilitator, it doesn’t get better than this.

Because what does every company on the planet, large or small, have in common?

They want to cut costs. The Hyperledger project promises to do this on a massive scale.

The Biggest Companies Are All In

As I mentioned yesterday, the biggest issue currently facing today’s blockchain networks is trust. For global adoption of blockchain there needs to be transparency and trust.

Built as an anonymous exchange network, blockchain’s original framework fundamentally undermines this trust.

Think about it: Would you rely on an anonymous person halfway across the world to handle your bank transactions or investments?

Probably not, nor would any legitimate company.

But with a verified network made up only of trusted participants we have something big on our hands. Something with multibillion-dollar market disruption written all over it.

That’s what’s so enticing about the Hyperledger project. I’m not the only one who sees the value either.

Early commitments to the project are a veritable who’s who of big names. The list includes Accenture, Cisco, Deutsche Börse, Digital Asset Holdings, Fujitsu, IBM, Intel, J.P. Morgan, the London Stock Exchange, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Wells Fargo.

That’s just naming a few. There are 100-plus more big names involved as well.

That’s also why this technology is so exciting. It has the corporate backing and the universal utility to become one of the biggest innovations in history.

Hyperledger networks could fundamentally change the nature of how business is conducted. Freeing up billions of dollars to facilitate new growth across all sectors.

Bottom line: When companies can save this much, investors rejoice. Because they can make a killing off rising share values and dividend payments.

This is one boat you can’t afford to miss.

For Tomorrow’s Trends Today,

Sean McCloskey
for The Daily Reckoning

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