How to “Tap” Profits From This Strange Chart

Greg GuenthnerI’m sure you’ve seen more than a few stock charts in your day.

You might even draw trendlines or use some fancy trade triggers if you’re the adventurous type. After all, there are countless generic, ready-to-use “indicators” available on the internet.

But I can promise that you’ve never seen a chart like this before.

Take a close look at the following graph:

Strange Chart

This strange chart depicts actual personal data our latest project is collecting from the American public.

This data is the key to a new method of playing stocks we call “profit tapping.” I’ll explain how to read this chart in just a minute.

But first, I need to show you how this project was born.

“Profit tapping” all started with one simple question:

How can you know what the masses are going to invest in before they do it?

Fifteen years ago, we had no way of knowing what the public really believed about a company until after they invested in it — or didn’t.

That’s because a soaring or plunging share price was the only reliable indicator of what people thought of any given company at any given time.

But that’s all changed now because of social media.

People are social beings. It’s how we’ve evolved. Communication is in our DNA. And when it comes to investing, people brag about wins and grumble about losses. They seek validation for their belief that a particular stock is a good or bad play.

They report news and rumors about companies, their products and personnel. And very often, they ask others for opinions before they buy shares.

The difference is that now — instead of all this happening at the country club or the neighborhood poker game… it’s all happening online, in public forums that millions of people follow obsessively.

This makes the social media universe, which didn’t even exist 15 years ago, an incredibly powerful force for shaping — and revealing — public opinion today.

This is where our computing power comes into play. Our new algorithm has the ability to collect vast amounts of data from the social media universe. We then filter and analyze that data in real time and detect currents of mass public sentiment that can generate incredibly accurate trading signals.

Now that you have some background, I want to show you how our new way of collecting and analyzing the personal data of millions of Americans can point us toward a new way to profit from stock market moves.

It all starts with a specific kind of spike in the collected data — like this one.

Check out the data spike we’ve circled in our strange chart above. That’s a positive signal spike in blue. Negative signals show up in red.

Right now I want to show you the best example in our data so far of just how closely stock price action can mirror these spikes.

Check this out:


It’s a series of both positive and negative signals for AI superstar Nvidia Corp.:

You can clearly see both the positive and negative spikes in this “profit tapping” indicator — and how accurately it can correspond to major price swings.

Let’s break it down.

We’ve got a big, obvious, positive signal on Aug. 23 that kicks off a strong, sustained uptrend. Then we see several negative signals that knock shares down a bit in the Sept. 20–24 range.

Then the stock recovers after a noticeable positive signal on Sept. 25. Then it gets a turbo boost from another cluster of positive signals from the 23rd to the 26th of October.

As you can see, the overall net result of these mostly positive signals was a 105% win over nine weeks.

If you knew how to detect these signals. And if you had the ability to trade them quickly, you could’ve played each of these four price moves individually — both up AND down — and made a series of very successful trades.

The social media universe is quickly morphing into one of the most powerful sentiment tools we’ve ever seen. As our database grows, the potential trading power is almost immeasurable.

That’s how “profit tapping” could make you $1 million in gains in 2018. And up to $10 million in the next five years.

It’s time to take control of your financial future.

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Greg Guenthner

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