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For years, Wall Street has tried to nail down a way to profit from how the public views a specific investment. How can we know what the masses are going to invest in before they do it?

Fifteen years ago, we had no way of knowing what the public really believed about a company until after they invested in it — or didn’t.

That’s because a soaring or plunging share price was the only reliable indicator of what people thought of any given company at any given time.

But that’s all changed now thanks to the power of the internet.

Communication is in our DNA. When it comes to investing, people brag about wins and grumble about losses. They seek validation for their belief that a particular stock is a good or bad play.

They report news and rumors about companies, their products and their personnel. And very often, they ask others for opinions before they buy shares.

The difference is that now — instead of all this happening at the country club or the neighborhood poker game…

It’s all happening online, in public forums that millions of people follow obsessively.

As you can probably guess, this is an incredibly powerful force for shaping and revealing public opinion in our modern world. When we focus on chatter about stocks, we can play those sentiment shifts for big profits.

Our computer is constantly gathering data. Thousands upon thousands of online interactions.

Don’t worry — I’m not up to anything fishy or illegal. Our computer programs aren’t for selling contraband on the “dark web” or hacking into anyone’s bank account.

Instead, our algo is trawling the far corners of the internet to learn what countless investors think about investments.

Once we collect and process this powerful public sentiment data, our advanced computer system can lead us to the best “profit tapping” opportunities on the market.

Let me give you a snapshot of how that’s possible.

Check out this map:

Here you can see how stock “chatter” clusters around places like Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver and Toronto.

More than a million feeds we picked up during our concept validation testing clustered around the major financial centers. That stands to reason, since we were tracking a diverse basket of stocks across multiple sectors.

In other words, since our test names have nothing in common aside from simply being listed and tradable, it makes sense that the most info on this broad spectrum of companies would come from the places where the most stock trading tends to occur.

Our new algorithm has the ability to collect vast amounts of data on these stock market interactions. We then filter and analyze this data in real-time to detect currents of mass public sentiment that can generate incredibly accurate trading signals.

But it gets even better.

Right now we’re building another layer of capability into our algorithm. Soon our computers will also be able to prioritize the data by region.

What does that mean, exactly?

It means that we will be able to give more statistical weight to data from places that have produced more lucrative “profit tapping” signals in the past. They’re the most powerful data I’ve ever pulled from the markets.

Finding the hottest tradable “chatter” coming from key sector intel areas is a stock trading game changer.

We’ve unlocked how to use this tech to “profit tap” select stocks for huge gain chances over and over again.

“Profit tapping” technology could bank you $1 million in gains in 2018. Even up to $10 million over the next five years.

And now I am ready to reveal everything to you.

That’s why this Thursday, Dec. 14, at 1:00 p.m. EST, I’m hosting a special event to reveal everything you need to know to start “profit tapping” immediately.

It’s free to attend. But you must lock in your seat ahead of time.

It’s time to make some serious money!

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For Tomorrow’s Trends Today,

Greg Guenthner

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