Ray Blanco: “Blockchain Will Be as Profitable as the Internet Boom”

The biggest blockchain stock explosion of 2018 is set to erupt, unleashing a tsunami of wealth for investors.

Blockchain stocks are just like bitcoin when it was first invented.

But while bitcoin has already matured, the demand for blockchain technologies has only just begun.

Any company investing heavily in blockchain technology will skyrocket as we watch the tech transform our technological landscape.

Emerging blockchain applications include securities exchanges, voting systems, cryptographically secure property registries, peer-to-peer insurance, supply chain management, smart contracts and anti-counterfeiting payment and remittance systems.

Blockchain tech touches everything!

Investing in blockchain today is like investing in internet stocks at the beginning of the tech boom.

The profits will be unbelievable!

Blockchain and Beyond

All major cryptocurrencies rely on blockchain networks to function.

But the future of blockchain technology will extend far beyond financial applications to include everything from big data to robotics and artificial intelligence.

It will be the most disruptive financial technology since the birth of the internet — and a road to huge profits for investors.

One company in particular is leading the pack as the most active corporate blockchain investor in the world.

The company is Tokyo-headquartered Softbank (OTCBB: SBTBY).

Softbank has identified blockchain as the foundation for a new era of technology and is investing heavily to establish a blockchain-based technological ecosystem.

This makes the stock a great way to play the explosive cryptocurrency and blockchain trend.

Softbank: One Step Ahead of The Rest

It isn’t surprising that Softbank is a great blockchain play.

As a fundamental technology, blockchain touches everything — and crypto is really hot in Japan.

In 2016, the company announced a contest to develop a decentralized fundraising platform built on blockchain.

Also in that year, SoftBank seeded an AI and cloud computing company called CloudMinds that uses blockchain to connect devices and robots to the cloud, as reported by Technode.com.

More recently, the company partnered with another startup to create a blockchain-based personal finance management system that it plans to market in 2019.

SoftBank is also heavily invested in the telecommunications industry including a partnership with Sprint to create blockchain solutions for that industry.

The telco consortium aims to create blockchain-based applications to help customers top up their services, create mobile wallets, remit funds and pay for roaming and IoT services.

On the back end, blockchain will be used to help telecommunications companies transact with each other faster and more securely, as reported in a recent Softbank press release.

Also last month, SoftBank led a $120 million round of investment into insurance startup Lemonade, as reported by Venturebeat.com.

Lemonade bills itself as the world’s first peer-to-peer home insurance company.

The company uses AI to underwrite policies and chat with policyholders, and it builds on blockchain to create algorithms to determine payout conditions and create smart contracts.

Insurance is a huge industry and by reducing overhead and improving service, Lemonade has the potential to be incredibly disruptive.

And this type of exposure to various blockchain applications is why Softbank is such a great play.

With Softbank, you get access to the most exciting potentials in the blockchain universe and a layer of insulation from the unique volatility of tokens and coins themselves.

Softbank’s poised to disrupt and establish itself in a dominant position with the most disruptive technology since the birth of the internet.

Which in turn could be the road to huge profits for investors this year.

For Technology Profits Daily,

Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

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