Say Goodbye to the World As You Know It

Amy was a very bright and active little girl.

But before long her parents noticed a change in her behavior.

A progression of tests revealed a scary reality. Amy had cancer.

Fortunately for Amy, radiologists were able to zero in and locate the cancer in her body more accurately than ever before.

You see, Amy’s doctors were assisted by powerful artificial intelligence (AI) systems that processed the images from her scans faster and more accurately than any one human could.

And thanks to all the excellent people involved in Amy’s care, including those who developed these powerful, intelligent machines, Amy survived.

Amy’s story is a fictional one, but is representative of some very real happenings in the world of healthcare.

And the singular game-changer of note is artificial intelligence.

The implications of emerging AI tech are huge, and not just limited to healthcare.

Our future will be a world powered by AI. And thanks to a convergence of three crucial factors we’re closer to this reality than ever before.

Factor One — Cheap But Powerful Computer Chips

Computer chips keep getting more powerful, while at the same time getting cheaper. And this is helping power the AI revolution.

Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) in particular, is a great example of a company leading the way in this space.

In the 1990s, the company invented that special type of computer chip called a GPU, designed for displaying computer graphics.

Thanks to the way these chips process data, GPUs are immensely useful in AI applications.

And NVDA has capitalized greatly on this, now evening design GPUs specifically with AI applications in mind.

Factor Two — Big Data

According to IBM:

“There were roughly 800 million multislice exams performed in the United States in 2015 alone. Those studies generated approximately 60 billion medical images. At those volumes, each of the roughly 31,000 radiologists in the U.S. would have to view an image every two seconds of every working day for an entire year in order to extract potentially lifesaving information from a handful of images hidden in a sea of data.”

Big data management is a huge problem, and not just in healthcare.

And 90% of all data ever created was made over the last two years. As more and more people get connected to the internet, those numbers will only go up.

The growing tide of the internet of things (IoT), a vast sea of smart sensing devices in our homes, factories, farms and offices, is creating tons of new digital info daily.

This information is extremely valuable to companies, and those that can successfully analyze this data have major advantages over their competitors.

Processing this wealth of information is the perfect job for AI.

Factor Three — Smart Software

One of the foremost leaders in the smart software space is IBM (NYSE: IBM).

The company’s main AI initiative, Watson, is designed to process massive amounts of unstructured data, learn from it and provide decision support for humans.

The company’s Cognitive Solutions unit — heavily reliant on AI-related technology — has become its second-largest line of business.

Artificial intelligence is a key factor driving the turnaround for this iconic American company and factors heavily into the company’s future growth plans.

Bottom line is this:

The artificial intelligence trend will create plenty of new market winners in the coming months and years.

This is just the beginning of a huge tech trend that will take years to run its course — But while it does investors could make fortunes.

For Technology Profits Daily,

Ray Blanco

Ray Blanco
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