The Wall Street Kill Switch

The cryptocurrency revolution is hitting us with lightning speed. In reality, this phenomenon took nine years to unfold.

However, stockchain could hit even faster. It’ll happen once the world’s stocks, bonds and derivatives suddenly flood the blockchain space.

Once these floodgates open, it could create a network that is 9,303 times bigger than all cryptocurrencies at their peak.

This historic event has already started and is on the cusp of becoming an instant kill switch for the entire global financial system.

Blockchain is widely known as a “distributed ledger,” a record of transactions that everyone can access.

The process is completely transparent except for who made the transaction. In the case of bitcoin, it’s perfectly fine for that entire record to be public on the internet.

But for financial securities like stocks, bonds and derivatives, they need a higher level of privacy to function properly.

Which is why Wall Street has felt no real threat from blockchain technology — until now.

Welcome To The New Wall Street

Blockchain, the underlying technology behind crypto, has the potential to go much further than just money.

As an acceptable currency, crypto has deep flaws — but companies are working diligently to crack the code and help initiate what is becoming one of the biggest tech revolutions of all time.

There’s a lot more to crypto than just cryptocurrencies. The base of fortunes is and will be blockchain itself.

Thanks to blockchain technology, the world of finance and trading is about to see sweeping changes. With blockchain, trades and transactions can now clear immediately.

And as we transition to blockchain-secured exchanges, the securities lending market will become transparent rather than the rigged game it is today. It will banish the illegal but common practice of naked shorting forever.

Quadrillions of dollars’ worth of trades are cleared every year using our current systems.

If even a small part of that moves to the blockchain platform, investors will strike gold.

A New Era of Fintech

The new stockchain will provide a different kind of private ledger to process these sophisticated financial transactions. One that makes sure each transaction is valid without revealing exactly how it was validated.

Stockchain solves the one flaw with blockchain that has been saving Wall Street from seeing their doomsday.

But now that may be changing. New “zero-knowledge technology” allows for a private ledger that can process sophisticated financial transactions without compromising the security a traditional stock market provides to investors.

This technology has been a long time coming — it could be the death of Wall Street and the beginning of your most profitable investment yet.

For Technology Profits Daily,

Greg Guenthner

Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

Editor’s note: As Ray explained, “stockchain” is the type of disruptive tech that could make early movers insanely rich.

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