Two Ways to Tap Crypto’s Latest Bull Run

Spring is finally here and the crypto “winter” appears to be ending.

Take a look at the total global market cap for cryptos, excluding Bitcoin…

Rising Tide

Over a billion dollars in market cap growth in 30 days.

The bulls are back!

The markets are rallying significantly. And if you heeded my advice from earlier Tech Profits issues to add to your positions over the past 60 days, you are now sitting on great gains.

We’ve seen many downturns in the crypto world. The space moves incredibly fast, which can be daunting at times.

Crypto traders have to learn how to cycle through the ups and downs regularly — becoming experts in patience and timing.

But that is also why I’m here. So you don’t have to worry about becoming an expert. I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

When you take a step back, those ups and downs directly correlate with the latest crypto news.

When the market is in a “good mood,” it positively overreacts to good news. When it’s in a bad mood, it shrugs off any good news, no matter how good it is.

Recently, we’ve seen some good news coming from the crypto world, which I believe is going to continue to positively affect the crypto markets.

I’m seeing the current run taking a short rest and then surging on to higher highs over the next 45 days.

As such, my advice is to take one of two strategies:

  1. Wait for a breather in the current bull run and then buy in on dips to further increase your holdings in various tokens.
  2. Sell half your gains on the tokens you may have bought on the recent dip that spanned the past 60 days.

Many of the altcoins are flying right now along with the big boys.

Take, for instance, Bitcoin Diamond. Now, I’m not suggesting Bitcoin Diamond as a buy.

But it’s a great example of how a rising tide for bitcoin is helping out the whole space, giving some altcoin owners great gains.

Here’s Bitcoin Diamond’s chart for the past seven days:

Prime Example

As a friend of mine once told me, “Richard, make the hay while the sun shines.”

Now’s a perfect time to do so with cryptos.

For Technology Profits Daily,

Rich Jacobs

Rich Jacobs
Chief Cryptocurrency Expert

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