Wall Street’s Best Kept Secret for Easy Money Revealed

Everyone knows that Wall Street is rigged against the “little guy” like you and me.

But what if I told you I’ve cracked the code on Wall Street’s best kept secret?

I’ve figured out exactly what gives them such an unfair advantage over us “average” investors.

And the best part is you don’t have to be a hot shot on Wall Street to use this technique and start seeing the money roll in.

A New Type of Dividend

The secret is K-Dividends, or more commonly, DRIPs.

These K-Dividends typically give out 100–200% more than a typical dividend would over time!

So why haven’t you heard about them before?

Well for starters, they’re restricted by the government from being advertised. But a handful of everyday folks have used K-Dividends for years to grow their income and save for retirement.

So how how do K-Dividends work and where do you start? Let’s dive right in…

Cutting Out The “Middlemen” For Bigger Gains

DRIP is an acronym for Dividend Reinvestment Plan.

That means instead of receiving a traditional cash payout from your dividend investment, you actually reinvest that money back in the company and purchase additional shares.

Plenty of companies operate their own reinvestment plan. Once your initial stock is purchased you should then have the option to enroll in their offered program.

By cutting the middleman you avoid paying any fees that it would take to cash out and reinvest on your own.

Not only does this make it that much simpler, but your return is higher when you alleviate those fees. Plus, it takes half the time it would to cash out and get back in.

With this approach, you can start small and watch your investment build over time. Best of all, many of these programs are offered at little to no cost to you!

Now that you know how they work, I want to share two companies that I believe will give you the best return using this K-Dividend approach.

Century Old Dividends

First up is IBM (NYSE: IBM), a once booming tech giant that’s found new life in the artificial intelligence space.

Regardless of their new ventures, one thing has remained the same — their steadily growing dividend payout.

For 22 years IBM has continuously paid out quarterly dividends. And with each year that dividend has grown bigger.Over those 22 years the rate has increased by 2,300% and it shows no signs of stopping now that they have made AI their key to future growth.

Their current payout is $1.50 per share or $6.00 annually. Making them a top contender when it comes to accumulating K-Dividends.

Record Setting Payout

Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) sells us everything we need from shaving cream, to detergent to shampoo.

From a company that sells generic household items, their dividends are far from boring.

With a lineup of products like Tide, Bounty, Pampers, Charmin and others, Procter & Gamble has a solid grip on the consumer household market… and is a great place for conservative investors to be.

Procter & Gamble has raised its dividend payments to investors for 61 straight years… you’d do great as an income investor just buying and holding the stock.

Speed Up Your Income

With K-Dividends, you can rapidly speed up how much income you have coming in… even if you’re starting with just a small amount of cash.

To get started, I recommend buying one share and getting it enrolled in the dividend reinvestment plan as shown above, and then contributing more money as you feel comfortable.

Remember, the more you put in the more your dividends will be able to purchase. And, soon enough, your account will be big enough to fund your retirement and then some!

Here’s to growing your wealth,

Mike Burnick

Mike Burnick
Chief Income Expert, Mike Burnick’s Wealth Watch


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