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First, thank you for being a Seven Figure Publishing/Agora Financial reader.

Second, we at Seven Figure Publishing recently sent you this:

Seven Keys to Seven Figures

We wrote this book because your feedback showed you come to us with all sorts of levels of experience in the markets.

The response to this free book we sent you has been, frankly, overwhelming. But we’ve also noticed that as you’ve written in to say thanks, you’ve also asked more questions.

Questions about what Seven Figure Publishing is, how it relates to Agora Financial, why we send you so many emails, how to use our website — the list goes on and on.

Today, I’d like to address some of these most popular questions we’ve received in a short and to-the-point way.

You might decide to save this email. Of the hundreds of questions we’ve received, this email covers the most popular.

Chances are your question is answered below. If it isn’t, I’ll show you two ways to get in touch with us at the end of this letter.

Let’s get started.

What is Seven Figure Publishing?

Seven Figure Publishing is a division of Agora Financial. We are the same company. But what you receive from Ray Blanco, Greg Guenthner, Jonas Elmerraji and our other editors comes to you from the new Seven Figure Publishing.

You can check out our website by clicking right here. Your normal Agora Financial log-in credentials work at Seven Figure Publishing. In fact, our website is purposely set up to give you a similar experience to what you get at the Agora Financial website.

Why did Seven Figure Publishing break off from Agora Financial?

Our business grew and more new readers came to us over time. We made the decision to break off so we could focus fully on delivering you what you want and need.

Why do I still get emails from Jim Rickards, James Altucher, Alan Knuckman and other Agora Financial editors?

Since Seven Figure Publishing and Agora Financial are still the same company, we’ve continued to send you the best ideas from all Agora Financial editors. We aim to send you the best ideas we find regardless of where they come from.

Why do I get so many emails from you?

Our business will only continue to grow and we’ll only be able to bring you more great ways to protect and grow your wealth if we show all our cards, so to speak. If we think you could use a technique or strategy, we’re going to show it to you.

Personally, I would rather send you one email too many instead of one too few. If the email I don’t send ends up being a great way you could grow your wealth, I’d never forgive myself.

Why are your sales marketing letters so over-the-top?

There’s a lot of competition for your attention. You get a lot of emails. And there are ads all over the internet. To get your interest, our marketing must be aggressive.

That said, we would never send you a sales marketing message we don’t believe in and stand behind. The rule I use with the Seven Figure Publishing team is “Never send out an idea you would not recommend to your own family if you could.”

What makes you different from other places I receive investment ideas?

First, we’re 100% unbiased and independent. We don’t take money for the ideas we send to you. We don’t receive gifts from the companies we cover. We’re also not beholden to advertisers. The only final loyalty we have is to you, our readers.

If Ray Blanco sends you a new idea, he’s done his homework. And the recommendation he makes is because he thinks it could help you grow your wealth. No one else has corrupted that research or coerced us to send it. We don’t have an agenda beyond helping you grow your wealth over time.

Why did you write the Seven Keys to Seven Figures book? 

Once again, you can download your free copy of our guidebook, Seven Keys to Seven Figures, by clicking right here.

We wrote the book because if we don’t have happy, successful members, we don’t have a business. We want you to succeed in reaching your goals. And we want you to have all the tools and access you need.

Sending you the Seven Keys to Seven Figures book is the first step of many over the weeks and months ahead in which we’ll show you how to better participate in and respond to the biggest moves in the markets.

Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

You can talk to me. You can reach me here.

If you have questions about your subscription or how to use our website — any question you don’t want to email about, you can call 844-370-6637 instead and speak to someone on our customer care team.

Every email and phone call we receive will be addressed.

Who are you?

I’m Aaron Gentzler, the publisher at Seven Figure Publishing. I write The Rundown, and I work with the Seven Figure Publishing team to deliver you independence… on your terms.

Thanks for reading.

To download your free copy of Seven Keys to Seven Figures, click here.


Aaron Gentzler

Aaron Gentzler
Publisher, Seven Figure Publishing

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