Two Reasons Why U.S. Pot Could Soon See Record Numbers

2017 was a monumental year for pot stocks.

Many folks however worried 2018 would be a down year for U.S. pot.

Fears that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and a Republican controlled congress would stymie the industry’s gains ran rampant.

But as it turns out, 2018 could be the biggest year yet for pot.

And U.S. pot stocks are flying right now.

Over the past month the U.S. marijuana Index has risen from $90.80 to $97.40. An increase of over 7%.

Here’s the chart:

There’s many reasons why U.S. pot is surging. But the biggest one is also the simplest.

The anti-pot camp is out of legitimate arguments against legalization.

The data in favor of legal weed is too strong. And the more the anti-pot crowd fights this rising tide, the more ridiculous they appear.

The reality is, every week there’s breaking news showing how cannabis makes life better, is bolstering state budgets and more.

That’s why today we’ll break down two of the biggest stories recently coming out of the pot space, and explain exactly what it means for you.

California Rolls Out New Marijuana Rules

Last Friday, California released its latest marijuana industry regulations.

Leading up to the vote Friday many were concerned new regulations would be a hindrance to the growing industry.

But as legislative advocate Max Mikalonis noted to Marijuana Business Daily, the new rules are “business friendly,” and that “generally, we’re very positive about what happened. The regulators have been listening to the concerns raised by the industry.”

Did you catch that last bit?

“The regulators have been listening to the concerns raised by the industry.”

That means California’s new rules were designed to facilitate canna-businesses. Not hurt them.

And it represents a remarkable change in they type of legislation we’re seeing in pot.

The new rules are too many to list here, but after reviewing them extensively there is no doubt, they will be good for California pot.

And this also means good things for folks with stakes in California’s booming pot industry.

Medical Marijuana Gets Congressional Protections

The biggest news in the pot space is coming straight from the D.C. swamp.

Last Thursday, the U.S. House Appropriations Committee approved a plan to continue to protect state medical marijuana programs from federal interference or prosecution.

According to Marijuana Business Daily:

“The provision prohibits the Justice Department from using funds to interfere with state medical marijuana programs or to prosecute medical marijuana (mmj) businesses compliant with those state laws.”

We’ve reported many times before that the FDA offers an extra level of protection to medical marijuana companies and their stocks.

FDA approved, Washington D.C. stamped and SEC backed.

It’s three levels of compliance and protection that virtually guarantee your money is safe from any threat of a federal crackdown.

The new legislation is a major victory for the medical marijuana space.

And we’re confident the same protections for legal weed are just around the corner.

As are massive profits off U.S. pot stocks.

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Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

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