Your Behind-the-Scenes Look At Ray’s Best Winners

Technology is transforming our lives all around us.

This transformation is affecting the quality, pace and structure of daily living for everyone.

And with startling effect, as we’re already seeing, machines will do our thinking for us.

Today, the marriage of robotics with artificial intelligence/virtual reality technologies has obliterated the ceiling of possibilities.

There are no boundaries for the application and usefulness of technologies powered by advanced AI and automation.

Today I’ll show you how I locked in a recent triple digit winner in the AI space. Including why gains like this are only the tip of the iceberg for my Technology Profits Confidential readers.

Profit From Bionic Eyes for AIs

AI and robotics technology is integrating our society in ways never before imagined.

But for artificial intelligences to interact with the world, it needs to be able to sense the outside world intelligently to react to changing conditions.

That’s a big reason for the success we saw with one of last year’s recommendations, MobilEye (NYSE: MBLY). MobilEye develops the electronic eyes used in autonomous driving systems.

But autonomous driving systems aren’t the only place where machine vision is useful.

Everything from the notebook or tablet you are using to read this article to the cheap ballpoint pen in your desk drawer was made by a robot, powered by AI.

These intelligent machines need eyes. And the more artificial intelligence systems interact with the physical world, the greater the demand for machine vision will be.

And that’s the driver behind one of our recent triple digit winners, Cognex Corp. (NASDAQ: CGNX).

Cognex was founded in 1981 by Robert Shillman, a member of the electrical engineering faculty at Tufts University.

Shillman put his life savings into a new machine vision venture. He also lured two MIT graduates who were experts in machine vision technology — Bill Silver and Marilyn Matz.

The resulting company became one of the world’s first machine vision firms.

But Cognex isn’t a camera company. Their primary focus is in software, with secondary operations devoted to developing the hardware that enables their software.

The camera is just the sensor that captures an image. It’s the Cognex software that interprets the captured image so an automated system can make a decision.

We entered our position with Cognex on September 7, 2016 at a price of $24.93 per share.

And as my research indicated the big catalyst for Cognex, AI and automation, was only getting started.

Additionally, the company’s financials were strong.

By 2016, the company’s revenues had nearly doubled from $238 million in 2006 to $450 million by 2015.

Margins were also high, either near or over 70% since 2004 and gross margins of over 75% since 2012.

A 103% Gain The Easy Way

We held Cognex shares for the better part of two years while the AI revolution power Cognex stock to new highs.

Earlier this year our research and patience were well rewarded.

We sold our Cognex shares on April 6, 2018 for an easy 103% win.

Cognex’s business was sound, and the company continued to post record quarters while we held them.

But sometimes stocks fall out of favor with folks, despite strong underlying fundamentals.

Recognizing this in the chart (see below), I decided it was the perfect time to lock in a win.

As a Technology Profits Confidential reader, if you had followed my advice this meant an easy 103% gain.

That would be on top of the 53% you could have also booked on Mobileye last year. Another one of my recommendations featured in my Technology Profits Confidential service.

Automation is an old trend… one that got started in earnest during the Industrial Revolution. Robotics and artificial intelligence are the new twist.

And a very lucrative one at that.

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Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

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