U.S. Pot Won’t Stop: Here’s A New Way to Profit

It’s full steam ahead for U.S. marijuana.

Last year, Canadian pot outpaced the U.S. with more lenient restrictions on the drug.

But in the last month, major news has refueled U.S. cannabis.

While still illegal on a federal level, many U.S. states continue to put marijuana legislation on the ballot as we enter midterms.

Last month, Missouri’s House voted to legalize medical marijuana by November. Michigan has approved cannabis legalization for that same month.

Another half dozen additional states may also have ballot initiatives this fall that either legalize cannabis or expand its allowed uses.

And in a move that totally shocked me, former House Speaker John Boehner, an adamant opponent of marijuana legalization, joined the advisory board of cannabis company Acreage Holdings.

Money talks, doesn’t it?

The sweeping change in sentiment proves what you and I have known for years — there’s hundreds of billions of dollars to be made in the emerging U.S. pot market.

Here’s one of my favorites right now from a marijuana sub-sector many folks fail to consider.

Turnkey Profits From Staying Compliant

The company I want to introduce isn’t your typical marijuana company.

MariMed (OTC: MRMD) does not grow or sell pot.

And most consumers are completely unaware of the company’s existence. But, those in the marijuana biz know all about MariMed, and the amazing services they offer.

MariMed is a all-purpose compliance company for marijuana businesses. They offer turnkey solutions to pot cultivators, producers, and dispensaries by specializing in compliance, legal, operational and logistical solutions for securing and operating dedicated marijuana facilities.

The company has developed or now manages six operating facilities in total. MariMed’s clients include businesses in Delaware, Illinois, Nevada, and Maryland.

Navigating state and federal laws can be messy for pot companies.

It makes sense that a company with a strong track record in compliance is finding continued success.

Earlier this month, MariMed posted a stellar earnings report.

For starters, MariMed reduced their debt liability by $1.5 million.

More importantly, the company nearly doubled their Q1 revenue from last year. And this amazing revenue growth is not an anomaly. MariMed year-over-year, since 2015, has grown its revenue by an incredible 1,972.67%.

No small feat for a small-cap like MariMed.

But that’s not all. A new catalyst for MariMed is right around the corner.

The Massachusetts Factor

For all intents and purposes they sky’s the limit for MariMed in 2018.

The stock, like many U.S. pot stocks, consolidated over the past week.

Nothing out of the ordinary there, considering the current market volatility.

For the year however, MariMed is on a great run. Since January, the stock is up over 100% from $0.77 on Jan 3, to where it sits as I write today at $1.55.

And things should only get better…

MariMed is based in Newton, Massachusetts. Massachusetts is one of the next states we expect to go fully legal.

When it does MariMed will be in on ground-zero for a huge boon in revenue.

As a well known compliance company, you can rest assured they will be on the short list of every new pot business in the state.

And that means one thing for sure. Huge new streams of income pumping up their bottom line and their share value.

The company is at a tipping point on its own home turf. And the floodgates could open very soon.

Will you be ready?

For Technology Profits Daily,


Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

Editor’s note: MariMed is not an official recommendation, however we think the company has a lot of potential.

But before you make a move, always do your own research and ensure any play you make matches your specific needs and goals.

And never, ever bet more money than you’re willing to lose.

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