Tomorrow, These Pot Stocks Hit The Jackpot — Here’s Why

June 7 could be the landmark day for pot stocks.


Because tomorrow, the Canadian Senate will vote on an amended bill to legalize recreational marijuana throughout the Great White North.

Monday conservatives in the Canadian Senate attempted to block the pending vote.

But that effort was quickly stymied. The Senate voting 50-29 in favor of moving marijuana legalization legislation along, as reported by Marijuana Business Daily.

Most experts view this preliminary vote as foreshadowing for Thursday’s session.

Canadian Senator Tony Dean stated in an interview with Marijuana Business Daily, “The constant effort of Conservative senators to be creative with finding ways to delay the passage of the bill is wearing thin. I’m optimistic that the bill will be approved on Thursday.”

If passed, the bill will move to the Canadian House of Commons.

That’s the final step in Canada’s highly anticipated push to become the first G-7 nation with legalized cannabis.

We’re in the pot stock jackpot now folks.

The Moment We’ve All Waited For Is Finally Here

Most experts expect Canada’s June 7 vote to create a massive windfall of profits.

And rightfully so.

According to Deloitte:

“The total cannabis market in Canada, including medical, illegal, and legal recreational products, is expected to generate up to 7.17 billion Canadian dollars in sales in 2019.”


Source: Deloitte

When those floodgates open up, there’s going to be a profit party like noone has ever seen before.

We’re talking dot-com boom-like riches, turning everyday folks into Wall Street whales.

And fast movers are already preparing for run-up in Canadian pot stocks.

Check out the action for the Canadian Marijuana Index over the past five days:

Fast Movers

If the message isn’t clear by now, let me spell it out.

Buy Canadian pot stocks now and potentially retire rich next week.

But before you act, there are two things you must know in order to maximize your profit potential off this explosive catalyst.

This Is Who Will Thrive First Off Canadian Legalization

A catalyst like this means good things for all.

It’s the type of needle mover that can lift an entire industry significantly.

And put plenty of coin in your pocket too.

For the biggest gains however, Canadian legalization ultimately comes down to two things.

The first is access and exposure.

Pot stocks are a new phenomena. Many folks have no idea how to find a specific pot stock on the exchanges, let alone buy them on their brokerage accounts.

This fact means one thing and one thing only.

Pot stocks that folks can easily access, such as those listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, or TSX will be the first ones to pop.

But fundamentals are also going to be a major factor here. Especially with small-cap and penny pot stocks.

While the rising tide may lift all boats, basic company fundamentals, meaning strong financials and good growth projections, will shine the brightest.

This may seem like an obvious thing to note, but we think many folks will get swept up in the “green rush” of flash gains and big promises.

Don’t do that! Numbers always matter, even if an entire industry is booming.

For tomorrow, we’ll pick things up right where we left off with a few of Ray’s favorite plays to help you lock in the big gains off this monumental catalyst.

Stay tuned!

For Technology Profits Daily,

Sean McCloskey

Sean McCloskey
Managing Editor, Technology Profits Daily

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