Nvidia $1,000

Companies focusing on driverless car technologies aren’t skating to where the puck is (human drivers).

They’re skating to where they believe the puck will be (self-driving vehicles).

Putting their money where their mouths are, it’s clear many big names in tech believe the driverless car trend will be huge, and soon.

Intel, for example, recently outlined a 2020 road map for self-driving cars.

The company announced a fifth-generation self-driving system that will debut in 2020, to be featured in 2022 model vehicles.

This marks a significant transformation.

More than ever, the most important piece of silicon you will own won’t be on your desk or in your hand.

It will be under your seat, or in your dashboard cruising along with you in your driverless car.

It’s clear there’s a huge future in self-driving cars

Intel estimates the autonomous-driving economy will be worth $800 billion by 2035, swelling to $7 trillion by 2050.

Intel however is still playing catch-up to many other chipmakers,

The true king of driverless car tech is Nvidia. And they’re well on their way to massive new gains thanks to this trend.

King Nvidia Secures Its Driverless Crown

Nvidia has leveraged its gaming expertise to create the equivalent of a supercomputer that sits in your car.

Using cameras and sensors, Nvidia’s autonomous driving system, DRIVE Pegasus, can identify vehicles, pedestrians and hazards with image recognition so accurate it can tell what the make and models are of other vehicles around it.

Today, Engadget reported automaker Daimler and engineering firm Bosch will use Nvidia’s DRIVE Pegasus system to power a new fleet of self-driving taxis.

And according to MarketWatch, Nvidia’s new DRIVE system will be the platform for ALL Daimler and Bosch self-driving vehicles beginning in 2020.

In the race to become the first in self-driving cars, Nvidia has a clear edge.

Testing for Daimler’s robo-taxi fleet will begin in California within the year.

The importance of this deal can’t be understated. It’s a huge growth catalyst.

This market will be huge.

Automobiles are the second-most-expensive thing most people buy, after their homes, and they are becoming increasingly sophisticated technologically.

It’s a huge opportunity for companies working on making autonomous driving possible.

With demand for self-driving cars set to grow sharply over the next few years, advanced chipmakers again look to be a great bet.

Weighing all these factors together, it becomes clear Nvidia has placed itself in exactly the right place for big growth.

Nvidia $1,000 here we come!

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