Your Robo-Taxi Is En Route

Dear Rundown Reader,

Nvidia is the gift that keeps on giving.

The market MVP of 2017 is already up another 24% since we rang in the New Year.

And there are plenty of reasons to believe this stock has more gains ahead.

Today’s Rundown shows you how a new deal with Daimler to create a fleet of robo-taxis could skyrocket Nvidia to new all-time highs.

Your Rundown for Wednesday, July 11, 2018…

Nvidia: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

What’s at the root of Nvidia’s electrifying success?

In part, it’s the art of the wheeling and dealing.

They make partnerships. They strike alliances. They sign new customers to lucrative contracts.

In doing so they’ve also grown themselves into a company with a market cap of almost $154 billion.

Here’s the past year in chart form:

It’s everything a shareholder wants to see.

Now NVDA has a new deal. One that could power them to new levels of market superstardom.

Engadget reports, automaker Daimler and engineering firm Bosch will use NVDA’s chips to power a new fleet of self-driving taxis.

According to MarketWatch, NVDA’s new DRIVE Pegasus system will be the platform for all Daimler and Bosch self-driving vehicles beginning in 2020.

Testing for Daimler’s robo-taxi fleet will begin in California within the year.

The importance of this deal can’t be understated. It’s a huge growth catalyst.

Our own tech expert Ray noted the potential back in February 2015.

Ever since, NVDA’s led the way in this space. This foresight also netted Ray’s followers a 1,151% gain to date.

At a glance you might think there’s not much upside left.

We beg to differ.

If you could go back in time and get in on Amazon at $253 you’d jump right?

But you can’t play Monday morning quarterback. Hindsight’s for people who lose money.

Here’s some foresight.

According to Forbes, “driverless cars will be part of a $7 trillion market by 2050.”

NVDA could be at the helm for all this.

Now, turning to the markets this morning…

Market Rundown for Wed., July 11

Yield on the 10-Year Treasury sits at 2.847% this morning, down 0.026.

S&P 500 futures are down 20.25 to 2,776.

Oil’s down $0.60 at $73.51.

Gold’s down $4.80 to $1,250.

Bitcoin goes for $6,358 this morning, according to CoinDesk.

We’ll talk again tomorrow.

For the Rundown,

Aaron Gentzler

Aaron Gentzler

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