The White House: “[This Technology] Will Improve Our Quality of Life”

We’re all about cutting-edge technology with huge profit potential at Technology Profits Daily.

When new technology is successfully adopted, it’s because it gives us something valuable we didn’t have before.

New technology could yield a new product…

Or it could improve an existing good or service — making it cheaper or better.

Some technologies are so big and useful that they touch on every aspect of life and the economy.

They change entire industries over time.

Techs like these can mint millionaires — for those early enough to grab onto the trend.

Right now we’re at the cusp of a big technology-fueled boom.

Fortunes are about to be made. It’s all thanks to 5G wireless technology.

5G may not mean much to you now, but take a look at this —

According to tech analysis firm IHS Markit, by 2035 5G technology will:

  • Create a $3.5 trillion output value chain and 22 million new jobs
  • Spur $200 billion in annual technology and infrastructure investment
  • Enable $12.3 trillion in global economic output.

We’ve actually already been using less advanced forms of this technology for decades, so it hasn’t even begun to reach its full potential.

However, it is considered to be so important it’s even received mention as a national security priority in the United States.

When new 5G wireless networks come online, bandwidth will be 100 times greater than your current wireless connection. Data will move from one end of the network to the other 10 times faster.

That speed will make all kinds of new technology possible. Multiple smart devices, from cars to machines, will be able to communicate with each other. Movies will download in seconds, and new applications, like augmented and virtual reality, will be perfected.

In fact, I predict we’ll see new tech innovations like we’ve never seen before. The best way to think about this shift is by comparing it to when households moved from dial-up to broadband internet. Once there was enough speed for consumers, the internet took off and fortunes were made.

In fact, your 5G wireless connection will be so fast it will make current 4G feel like dial-up.

The United States will be a leading implementer as 5G will start to roll out this year at select locations. Other early-adopter countries will include South Korea, Japan and China.

A trickle of 5G subscriptions later this year will turn into a flood as 5G wireless projects progress as millions — then billions — of subscribers make the switch.

We’ve profited from previous generations of wireless tech and the companies that enabled them.

That includes ARM Holdings. ARM was my very first recommendation when I launched Technology Profits Confidential in 2010.

Now ARM technology is in virtually every smartphone made and much more. This U.K. chip firm has designs in almost 100% of the market!

We’re about to see it again. Wireless communications are about to go on steroids.

The biggest tech upgrade in history begins this year.

For Technology Profits Daily,

Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

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