No Charm Left In This Stock

Dear Rundown Reader,

A couple years ago you couldn’t go five minutes without hearing or seeing one of this company’s ads.

Billboards, radio spots and commercials. They were everywhere.

Today things are different. When’s the last time you saw a Pandora ad? Or someone wearing their jewelry?

We can’t remember either.

For today’s Rundown… Why Pandora’s five minutes of fame are up, and how you can avoid market death traps like this moving forward.

But first a letter on Bitcoin:

“The takeaway lesson here is not ‘don’t get involved with Bitcoin.’ It is ‘be careful with whom you trust your future;’ crappy exchanges will invariably make you cry.”

OKEx is the second largest, and one of the most trusted exchanges around. If we can’t trust the best, why would we trust the rest?

Your Rundown for Tuesday, August 7, 2018…

The Beginning of the End for Pandora

A lot of our editors pass by the Pandora A/S (OTC: PNDZF) regional headquarters here in Baltimore on their way to our offices nearby.

Their building is a gem of the city skyline. A towering homage to success.

But our trained eyes see cracks in the foundation.

Pandora’s in trouble.

Bloomberg reported this morning, Pandora is slashing its profits and sales forecasts “amid struggles in key markets,” specifically China and the U.S.

Like we said. We can’t remember the last time we saw the company’s charms dangling off someone’s wrist.

Off the news shares fell 20% in Copenhagen this morning, reports Bloomberg.

Pre-market in the U.S., its OTC shares (OTC: PNDZF) are down almost 7%.

Year-to-date, both Danish and OTC shares have spiralled over 40%. Here’s the (OTC: PNDZF) chart for 2018.

No Charm

Now Pandora expects its revenue to come in at 3% less than previously forecasted. This all after Pandora already reduced forecasts a few months ago, CNBC reports.

Take note, the charm bracelet craze is over.

Consumer tastes change on a dime. If you only fill a niche with a handful of similar products you’re dead in the water when these tastes change.

Exactly like Pandora is today. Call it the beginning of the end for this once popular jewelry maker.

Now, turning to the markets this morning…

Market Rundown for Tues., August 7

S&P 500 futures are up 5.50 at 2,855.

Oil stays flat at $69.70. We’ll see how Saudi production cuts impact price through August. Our gut says U.S. production keeps things near $70. What do you think?

Gold’s up $4.60 to $1,222. The ICBC says gold could hit $1,300 by the end of the year. They argue rising interest rates will spark the surge. But with a strong dollar can this play out? Send us your thoughts.

Bitcoin goes for $7,094 this morning, according to CoinDesk.

We’ll talk again on Wednesday.

For the Rundown,

Aaron Gentzler

Aaron Gentzler

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