Pot’s Global Trend Opens Door to New Riches

Pot’s going global.

And be it for medical or recreational purposes, prohibitive nations are falling like dominoes light of the new data and political pressure.

One day the whole world will be smoking.

And this global trend means one thing for folks with stakes in the pot industry.

More riches are coming. Let me show you why.

Legal Pot Comes to Georgia

Smoking pot just became legal in Georgia…

No, not that Georgia. The other one.

The Constitutional Court of Georgia (of the former Soviet Republic) has ruled that people can’t be punished for possession or consumption of marijuana. That makes the country the first former Eastern Bloc country to take away prohibitions on pot.

For now, cultivation and sale of marijuana remain illegal.

But the court’s ruling citizens can’t be punished for possession or use of cannabis is a major development…

Especially after we learned that Lebanon is considering bringing legal weed to the Middle East.

All around the world, we’re seeing a push toward legalization that could bode very well for pot stocks with international exposure to these emerging markets.

It also bodes well for U.S. legalization in places… like the other Georgia.

Back in May, a survey conducted by a polling company for one of Atlanta’s biggest local news stations revealed that the majority of Georgians now believe that recreational marijuana should be legal.

It’s not the first time Georgians have been polled on pot. But it is the first time more than 50% have supported recreational use.

Meanwhile, Georgia’s governor signed a bill earlier this year expanding the state’s definition of what can be treated with medical marijuana, which has been legal in Georgia since 2015.

From the East Coast of the U.S. to the Black Sea, officials are moving to legalize cannabis.

And they’re creating immense profit opportunities for investors paying attention. But Georgia, and Georgia aren’t the only markets to get excited about.

Your second new pot market also comes from the Middle East.

The Medical Marijuana Haven You Never Heard About

Israel is quickly becoming a leader in advanced medical marijuana treatments.

Which is opening up plenty of opportunities to capitalize off their medical marijuana boom.

And while the country has yet to legalize any sort of recreational usage, recently government officials passed legislation to decriminalize recreational usage and/or possession. Another big step in the right direction.

There’s not a doubt in my mind this breaking news marks Israel’s first step towards full legalization.

And investors in Israeli cannabis seem happy enough to bank on an eventual policy change. We’re already seeing money shift into these opportunities.

For now, while they wait Israel’s pot companies are venturing abroad to carry out deals with firms in Europe, Canada and Africa.

This is where things get interesting for us.

Large, multinational Canadian pot companies will be clawing tooth and nail to grow roots in both Israel and in Georgia.

We’ve seen this type of partnering before in countries like Germany and Brazil as they moved towards legalization.

And it happens in every industry. As soon as an opportunity opens up in an emerging market the well-established big boys swoop in and take control.

Meaning, your large-cap Canadian pot positions stand to see an awesome bump as the global trend gets more and more established.

For Technology Profits Daily,

Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

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