Never Pay for Cable Again

Are you ready for free?

As in free TV?

Verizon thinks you will cut the cord on broadband providers if it throws in free television.

Here’s the catch, though… You need to subscribe to its new 5G wireless service.

It sounds like it could be a really good deal. Drop your broadband internet provider as well as your satellite or cable and get a 5G wireless setup at home instead. Verizon wants to offer either YouTube TV or Apple TV to upcoming 5G customers.

4G wireless has been great; our smartphones would be dumbphones without it. And many of the apps we take for granted these days, from ride-hailing to matchmaking, wouldn’t be possible without 4G wireless speeds

But 4G isn’t fast enough to replace a wired broadband connection. And it’s not fast enough to replace traditional cable TV.

Enter 5G, fast enough for you to watch TV in the living room while someone plays video games in the den.

5G will be cheaper than upgrading our wired internet infrastructure. Running new fiber lines to every home in the country is incredibly expensive.

Building out 5G infrastructure isn’t cheap either, but it will be much less expensive than that alternative, since the final leg in the network — your home — won’t need brand-new cabling for a performance upgrade.

It’s going to be the biggest tech upgrade ever. It’s going to be one of the biggest tech moneymakers ever.

Meaning it’s going to be a great place for us to invest as it takes off.

But Verizon isn’t your only play on 5G.

5G will cause many tech companies’ share prices to soar. Early investors stand to make a fortune before the dust clears.

There are multiple ways to play the 5G revolution. All of which offer up the opportunity for a big payday, even generational wealth.

Here are three areas you can latch onto now for 5G profit potential:

Telecom: The world demands 5G, and the companies that build the reliable 5G infrastructure will rake in huge amounts of cash through leasing and licensing fees. With testing already happening in several U.S. cities, AT&T (NYSE: T) looks like the lead dog in this race here in the U.S.

Smart devices: Compared with 5G standards, your 4G smartphone is plain dumb. New 5G networks will need new devices to realize 5G’s potential.

Who wins the device war? My money right now is on Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL). It’s all about processing power and speed, and a recent HotHardware report notes Apple’s new A12 chip blows the competition out of the water, Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note9 included.

Chipmakers: 5G needs the most advanced chips to work. The amount of data that will be sent second to second on 5G networks is levels larger than what a 4G network can handle. But chips need to fit into devices small enough to pocket.

Companies who solve this problem will lead the way in 5G. You may want to consider Taiwan Semiconductor (NYSE: TSM). They’re the company behind Apple’s new A12 chips that are reinventing the standard for smartphones as we speak.

And according to recent industry data 5G is set to bring in $275 billion worth of investments when all is said and done.

It could also create 3 million new jobs and boost GDP by half a trillion dollars.

The best news?

The list above is only a small sample of the amazing ways you can tap into the 5G phenomenon.

As a matter of fact, I have recently discovered one secret play directly linked to the 5G revolution that could trump all others.

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