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Tech Profits Daily followers are more than familiar with artificial intelligence (AI).

We talk about it every week in one form or another.

But we’re willing to bet the farm you never considered AI in this context.

Artificial intelligence is the future for medical marijuana.

And after seeing what Dr. David Meiri, head researcher at the Israeli Cancer Institute has to say about this marriage, I’m convinced we’re on the brink of something big.

And this breakthrough is going to be very lucrative for those with stakes in the medical marijuana space.

Allow me to explain.

It’s No Secret, Pot Is Medicine

We all know the basic argument. Marijuana and its myriad of CBD, THC and terpene compounds is a super plant.

We know it helps control epileptic seizures. We know it has anti-inflammatory properties that may be one day used in treatments for Crohn’s disease.

Researchers are also looking into the many ways to use marijuana’s unique chemical compounds to treat different forms of cancer.

And CBD’s, one of the main compounds found in pot, is also now being used to treat children with severe autism.

After reviewing Dr. Meiri’s research on the subject, it became clear. Medical marijuana uses top-notch science of the highest level.

But even great scientific methods need help, namely in speeding up the discovery and testing processes.

And this is where the revelation came to me.

The Perfect Bud For You

There are hundreds of different compounds found in marijuana. THC is most widely known as the compound that gets you high.

But cannabinoids, or CBDs, are what medical marijuana researchers are most focused on.

CBD’s are chock-full of medicinal properties. But a big problem medical marijuana researchers are facing is knowing what cocktail of CBDs treats which ailments best.

This is where the light bulb clicked on.

We know artificial intelligence has done wonders for medical research. Extrapolating this to medical marijuana research, it becomes clear.

AI is the only way this space moves to the next level.

Dr. Meiri notes this specifically in his autism research. His team at the Israeli Cancer Institute are in the process of creating multiple variants of a CBD cocktail to treat severe and violent autism.

And using AI, Dr. Meiri’s team have proven that specific symptoms, ages, and even genders react to certain specific combinations of CBD better than others.

This discovery is crucial for the future of medical marijuana.

Dr. Meiri was adamant that medical marijuana needs the best scientific methods or it risks falling out of the the prescription drug category and into the nutriceutical category.

And as Dr. Meiri quipped, “that’s like calling a Ferrari a Kia.”

The next wave of medical marijuana companies and profits are coming.

The key thing to look for in your plays?

Companies using advanced tech like AI to separate themselves from the pack, as the pack continues grow.

For Technology Profits Daily,

Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

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