Political Discourse and A White House Mole

More on the subject of legal weed, tax revenue and politics:

“Ever since my own (in)glorious days of rollin’ and tokin’ some 40 years ago, I have been proclaiming to all who would listen (and many who wouldn’t) that marijuana would be legalized not when our elected representatives acknowledged that government has no legitimate business telling competent adults what substances they may or may not put into their own bodies but rather when those same representatives became desperate enough for tax revenue.

“Now, at the youthful age of 66, I take no small (and smug) pleasure in being proven absolutely correct. 

“I don’t have a guess at a specific timeline for Federal legalization, but I expect it before the next Presidential election. 

“And if what passes for political ‘discourse’ these days continues its downward spiral, by then we’ll all be needing it.”

Fair point.

“Discourse” keeps spiraling.

Bob Woodward’s upcoming book about the Trump administration has sparked a new round of categorical denials from the President and his spokespeople.

Even more inflammatory, The New York Times ran an anonymous op-ed from someone who claims to work at the White House. The source says he’s working from the inside to stonewall Trump’s anti-democratic tendencies.

The President’s on the warpath. He wants the White House mole identified yesterday.

Who do you peg for anonymous?

More important, what would fair political discourse look like today?

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Your Rundown for Thursday, September 6, 2018…

Waiting to Inhale

Funny what a few words can do. Raise the ire of the leader of the free world or send pot stocks soaring.

Both happened yesterday.

Constellation Brands COO Bill Newlands had this to say on the marijuana market: “We think this is going to be a big business worldwide.

“This is not going to be limited to Canada. This will undoubtedly be a market that develops in the United States. It’s developing around the world in places like Germany and Australia and other markets.”

Constellation Brands, that produces and markets several familiar liquor brands, invested $3.8-billion last month in Canadian Cannabis company Canopy Growth.

On the strength of Newlands’ statement alone, shares of Canopy jumped over 3%.


And it wasn’t just Canopy Growth. Other pot stocks benefited too.

Tilray Inc. jumped intraday by 26%; Cronos Group gained 12%.

This is indicative of overall movement in the North American Marijuana Index (NAMMAR) that’s gained a stunning 54% since mid-August.

And the index is only expected to push higher as Canada allows the sale of recreational marijuana come October 17.

Imagine where this market will go when the U.S. federal government legalizes weed…

Market Rundown for Thurs. September 6, 2018

S&P 500 futures are up 1.5 points to 2,889.75.

Oil’s holding steady at $68.99 a barrel.

Gold’s up almost $10 to $1,211.00

Bitcoin’s sell-off continues, losing almost $300; the crypto’s down to $6,412.97.

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Aaron Gentzler


P.S. You saw the eye-popping stat above…

The marijuana index has risen 54% in less than a month.

And it should only drive higher on the strength of legal weed in Canada and beyond.

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(One play in Ray’s Penny Pot Stocks’ portfolio has even risen 427%!)

If you’ve been on the fence, don’t wait to buy into this booming market.

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