The Netflix of Gaming [Big $$$$]

The biggest entertainment market in the world isn’t music, it isn’t TV and it isn’t movies.

It’s video gaming. Video games are bigger than music and film put together.

And growing faster, too!

This fact might come as a shock to some.

In 2017, video games — whether on mobile devices, PCs or gaming consoles — generated a whopping $121 billion in revenues.

According to market research firm Newzoo, the industry is expected to generate almost $140 billion this year, growing to $180 billion by 2021.

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And there’s one company that dominates in graphics hardware at the high-end, high-performance segment of that market:

Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA).

The “Netflix of Gaming”

In the most lucrative end of the gaming market, PC games requiring a discrete graphics processing unit, and NVDA has by far the greatest market share.

But there are developments afoot that will help Nvidia address an even greater share of the gaming market…

New technologies about to hit that are going to change the equation.

The opportunity is so huge, NVDA might still be undervalued even after growing more than 1,200% over the past 2 1/2 years.

The 5G revolution, which will make super-high-bandwidth, low-latency wireless connections possible, will make NVDA more successful than ever before.

NVDA is gaining in supercomputing, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and more. But gaming chips, known as GPUs, are still the core of this tech company’s business.

But new high-speed connectivity will boost Nvidia’s addressable market.

With super-fast 5G connectivity, Nvidia could become the “Netflix of gaming,” by streaming games just like we now stream movies.

Right now, to play the most realistic games, you need a relatively fast PC or console. These machines can cost thousands, and gamers enthusiastically buy or build them.

But 5G could make high-end games work on almost any device.

The 5G Factor Changes Everything

With a super-fast 5G connection, you could stream the latest-and-greatest games to your mobile device, making the hardware nearly irrelevant. Or you could buy an inexpensive Nvidia gaming device and connect it to your TV.

All the “horsepower” needed to render high-definition, high-frame-rate games realistically could be generated at a Nvidia data center. On your device, you’d just stream it.

Nvidia is already laying the foundation to become the “Netflix of gaming.” It’s been beta testing GeForce NOW, a streaming gaming service.

Netflix currently has a market cap of $160 billion — almost on par with Nvidia’s $159 billion market cap.

As I mentioned, gaming is a much bigger industry… the biggest entertainment industry in the world.

The potential upside for Nvidia is huge!

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